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Why go away this winter?


Why not?! That’s the real question. With sea, sun and quieter resorts, winter is a fantastic time for a getaway.

Who likes chilly nights and shorter days anyway? Why not take a break from the dreary UK winter and jet off on a relaxing getaway? If you’re after a little well-deserved sunshine, a holiday during the cold season could be the perfect way to conquer the winter blues.

Still on the fence? We’ve created a list of reasons why you should think about getting away this winter.


Amazing options

When the kids are at school, holiday resorts are much quieter and that means the right hotels and flights are easy to come by. Basically, you’ve got options aplenty!

You can take your pick of a great selection of flight times, so finding the right dates to go is a breeze. With fewer people booking to go away, it’ll be easier to bag the ideal accommodation for your trip. From five-star retreats to a comfortable base, you’re sure to find the perfect option.


Chilled exploring

This quieter time of year is fab for the explorers out there. Forget jostling for space at a popular attraction or struggling to capture that Instagram-worthy snap – during winter, the resorts and cities aren’t as busy.

Without hundreds of other tourists to contend with, you’ll be front of the queue for famous attractions and sights. What’s more, booking onto popular tours or bagging a table at local culinary gems will be much easier, so you can really get the most out of your destination.


Enjoy the sunshine

If cold weather, snow and long nights might not be your thing then a good helping of winter sun is definitely in order. Luckily, there are plenty of destinations that offer year-round heat so you can laze by the pool, top up your tan or eat al fresco while the weather turns frosty at home.

Venture to destinations like the Canary Islands for year-round sunshine.

Amazing value

As winter is in the off-season for most hotels, value is through the roof when it comes to snapping up super accommodation. Whether you’re planning on settling in for up to 55 nights, a two-week couple’s break or a short stay as a solo traveller, it should be easy to secure a fantastic deal.


Fantastic accommodation

During the winter months, demand for rooms is much lower and even the most popular hotels should have space to spare. That means you can still treat yourself to a gorgeous room or suite in amazing four and five-star bases.

Stay as long as you like

The beauty of a winter holiday is flexibility. From a whistle-stop weekend tour to a 55-night stay, there’s a holiday out there to suit you. So, if winter in the UK is off the cards, then a long stay in the sunshine could be just what you need.

Posted: 1st Oct 2020. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas