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Where to stay in Kalymnos


Not sure where to unpack your bags in Kalymnos? We got you! Here’s the rundown of the best resorts on this Greek island for every type of traveller.

Under-the-radar Kalymnos might be on the smaller side, but it makes up for it with the countless charming towns waiting to be discovered. Can’t make up your mind which one speaks to you yet? This guide is all you need!

For evergreen scenery and rock climbing… Myrties

Kalymnos is a popular climbing destination in general but Myrties is where you’ll find that comfy shoes come in handy! Rocky formations surrounded by blossoming myrtle trees (Myrties Town, myrtle trees, you get it) make an ideal climbing spot for the outdoorsy type. The little town boasts over 3,000 climbing routes, so one thing you’ll never be out here is bored. After an active day, head to the local restaurants to try the sensational seafood, while watching the sun set behind the flora-covered mountains in the distance. What a dream…

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For a cultural escape and lively atmosphere… Pothia

The island’s capital and main port, Pothia, is the culture hub of the island, presenting you with the best Kalymnos history has to offer. Did you know that this dinky isle was known as a ‘sponge-divers’ island’ across the Mediterranean? A long time ago, the natives perfected the craft of diving for natural sponges or Kalymnian gold, as they call it. They would then be processed in the island’s factories, but there’s only one left now! to learn more about this hidden secret of Kalymnos.Visit it to learn more about this hidden secret of Kalymnos.

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Later, head up to Agios Savvas Monastery for rewarding views of the port and the azure Aegean. Bonus points if you go just before the sun dips into the sea, painting the landscape in gorgeous golden shades. Dreamy!

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For a big choice of beaches and quintessential Greece… Panormos

Set in a pine-studded valley, Panormos has every holiday essential minus the tourist crowds. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Firstly, there’s a selection of beaches at your fingertips – sandy to pebbly and sunbeds to shade, whatever your preferences are. If you want to stay active, climbing and diving aren’t hard to find around here. Do you follow your nose when choosing a holiday? Us too! And Panormos has tonnes of traditional tavernas, family-run restaurants and bars, so you won’t be hungry here. After you fill up, take a stroll through the blue-domed town, and take some oh-so-Greek holiday snaps.

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For idyllic scenes and gold-sand beaches… Kantouni

Looking for a truly relaxing time away? Kantouni is the place to be. Beloved by the locals for its peaceful atmosphere and unspoilt beaches, this teeny village is a lush oasis in the middle of rocky mountain scenery. Sunny mornings are best spent at the Platis Yialos or Kantouni Beach, unwinding with a good book or just soaking in the Greek sunrays and listening to the sea lapping the shore. Later, we suggest heading to a local taverna or a cocktail spot for some cool drinks and even better views. Does that sound like a perfect day or what?

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For a beach favourite and exceptional seafood… Massouri

Sublime shores are a given in Kalymnos, but Massouri Beach simply takes the crown – and it won’t take long to see why. Everyone will find their spot on this lengthy coast, whether it’s sunbeds, shade or a spot for a towel you’re after. Enjoy the views of the rugged mountains in the background, but it’s Telendos Island that completes the stunning landscape. Sitting right in front of the beach, the island is just a short boat ride away, so marvel at it from afar or explore the rocky isle up close.

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When the sun starts going down, make your way to one of many restaurants on Massouri’s main street to sample net-fresh seafood and a glass of vino with a view. Our top recommendation? Aegean Tavern for an authentic Greek menu.

So, where is it going to be?

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