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Where to go in Europe for Pride 2022


Ready to don your rainbow colours and get involved with some of Europe’s biggest Pride celebrations? Here’s your line-up of the best festivals on the continent…

Colour-popping parades? Check. All-day and all-night parties? Check. All the glitter and sparkle that you could ever wish for? Check! That’s right, it’s time to get your Pride 2022 plans in place. And the best part? You don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community to get involved in celebrating diversity and inclusion in the most spectacular way.

Team this giant party with spending a few days or a week in a new, fun and exciting place, and you’ve got yourself a holiday to remember! You’ll see towns, streets and bars like never before with a rainbow-tinted hue and everyone there will be up for a party. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ready to experience a Pride festival like never before? Check out our picks of Europe’s best for 2022…

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Athens, Greece

In Greece’s capital, they don’t do things by halves when it comes to Pride. The annual parade, which usually takes place during the first week in June, has now been running for more than 15 years and sees around 40,000 partygoers descend on the city to celebrate all things LGBTQ+!

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Barcelona, Spain

This huge festival hits the city of Barcelona during the last week of June. Each year, a fun theme is chosen for the celebrations and a full program of events and activities is planned around this. Think live music and shows, workshops, dance performances, and sporting games. Team this with the amazing nightlife that’s on offer in the city and you’ve got yourself a trip to remember!

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Benidorm, Spain

This Spanish nightlife hotspot is a big hit when it comes to Pride. Taking place in September, you can expect a whole week jam-packed full of parades and parties, and rainbow flags as far as the eye can see. Since its beginning back in 2011, it’s become one of the biggest Pride celebrations in Europe!

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Budapest, Hungary

Get ready to experience Budapest’s 27th Pride festival and march! Each July, more than 20,000 people join the march through the city’s colourful streets, taking in all the top sights and hearing speeches and performances along the way. And when it comes to nightlife, you can’t miss out on the ruin pubs and spa parties!


Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

At the start of May, this colourful festival takes over the streets of Maspalomas, on the south coast of Gran Canaria. This year, it’s the 21st anniversary of the festival, so you can expect bigger and better parties than ever! Alongside the main parade, there are pool parties, boat parties, fashion shows and performances from big-name acts on the main stage.

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Ibiza Town, Ibiza

The White Isle’s famous gay scene goes all out during Pride week with a five-day extravaganza of street parties and parades, live DJs, drag shows, and huge club nights. It usually takes place in mid-June and attracts members of the LGBTQ+ community from all over the world!

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Valletta, Malta

A week of colourful celebrations hit the Maltese capital every September for its annual Pride festival. Expect parties, club nights, fashion shows and boat parties, followed by the amazing weekend parade that winds through Valletta. Follow the floats, street performers and dancers from the start at the Triton Fountain, then work your way through the downtown streets. After the parade, you’ve got the open-air street party and concert to enjoy!

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Paris, France

Why not celebrate love in the world-famous City of Love? Paris Pride, also known as the Marche des Fiertés, takes place in June when more than 700,000 people hit the French capital to celebrate all things LGBTQ+! The Marais district of the city is where you’ll find most of the action afterwards, with gay clubs hosting huge evening events!

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s Pride festival typically takes place in August and has now been running for more than ten years! Thousands of revellers take to the streets of the Czech capital to celebrate all things diversity and inclusivity. The parade features colourful floats, balloons, flags – you name it, it’s probably in there somewhere!

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Rome, Italy

How about a trip to the Eternal City this year? Since the first Rome Pride event back in 1994, it’s grown year-on-year and now attracts around 80,000 visitors! The city’s main gay scene can be found in the streets surrounding the Colosseum, so you’ll be right at the heart of all the action.

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Sitges, Spain

Sitges Pride is set to take place in June this year with five days chock-full of events and celebrations, including the main parade, beach parties, pool parties and live music! Pride Village is set up along the seafront and it’s the main hub of all the entertainment.

Please note, some events may change. Please check locally for accurate and up-to-date times, dates and locations.

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