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Where to eat and drink in Alicante


Tempt your taste buds and set out on a food tour of Alicante’s best, most authentic restaurants. We’ve lined up all the most unmissable foodie hotspots.

Alicante is bursting with character, vibrant flavours and enticing aromas that draw foodies from across the globe. From classic tapas bars serving up traditional flavour in rustic settings, through to slap-up meals at swanky establishments, you’re spoilt for choice.

Luckily for all you food lovers out there, we’ve got you covered with the fanciest restaurants, the most popular eateries and the local favourites. Check out these hotspots and uncover all the gastronomic greats on your Alicante holiday.


El Barrio

The winding streets of the historic district of El Barrio is the perfect place to find some foodie treasures. Wander through the collection of brightly coloured houses and explore the cosy courtyards. You’ll find a fantastic selection of authentic tapas restaurants and alluring wine bars.

For a taste of traditional flavours and that vibrant Spanish atmosphere, head to Cerveceria Sento Rambla. Although this restaurant may be small, it packs in both character and mouth-watering flavour. Many have claimed it’s the best tapas bar in Alicante, so pull up a stool, and tuck in!

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Calle Castaños

This street is quite literally lined with restaurants and bars. Wander down here and you’ll be drawn to the sights, sounds and, above all, delicious aromas wafting through the air. Start exploring and you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a place to sit down, and dig in.

La Mary serves up a taste bud tingling menu of Mediterranean classics, and makes the perfect place for a flavoursome evening meal. If you’re in the mood for an all-out feast, the La Terreta Gourmet is the place to be.

After all that, a glass of Spanish wine is very much in order, but there’s no need to leave this street! Head to the Syrah Wine Bar or Aperitivos Gisbert for a glass of the local tipple.

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Mercado Centro

For all street food hunters out there, Mercado Centro is the place to be. Inside this impressive building you’ll find two floors of stalls, selling fresh food and local produce. Wander through the bustling indoor market and you’ll find delicate Spanish pastries, plenty of local specialities and condiments unique to the area.

On top of all this, you’ll also find tapas bars aplenty, serving up delicious dishes using the freshest ingredients in town. So, once you’ve thoroughly explored and stocked up on Alicante’s delicacies, order a refreshing beer and enjoy some truly authentic Spanish street food.

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La Ereta

Nestled into the hillside, offering uninterrupted views over La Palmera, the sprawling city and out to the sea, La Ereta is easily Alicante’s most spectacular dining spot. Take a seat by the floor-to-ceiling glass walls and soak up that unique panorama.

While the view certainly is a showstopper, it’s the food that steals the spotlight. Although based on traditional flavours and local favourites, the familiar dishes have been elevated with new modern techniques. Overall, it’s a stunning dining experience that shouldn’t be missed on your Alicante holiday.

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Bodeguita 1999

Just a few streets back from the harbour, you’ll find Bodeguita 1999. Vegetarians, this one isn’t for you! This unassuming restaurant offers up the very best meat Alicante has to offer. Using time-tested traditional methods and top-quality ingredients, Bodeguita 1999 is known the city over for its delicious meat.

On top of that, you can count on homemade meals, serving up all the authentic flavours Alicante is known for. From farmhouse classics, to beautiful bottles of wine, this restaurant is all about maintaining the character of Spanish food and adding a dash of love to everything they do.

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