Ways to save for every type of holidaymaker


We’re dishing out tips to help every type of holidaymaker stretch their sunshine spends. Families, couples, solos, groups – we’ve got you all covered.

Looking to keep your costs down on holiday? You’re in the right place! We’re here to help with some handy ways to pinch your pennies while you’re on your well-deserved break. From free family days out and solo savings to cost-cutting tips for couples and great ways for groups to save, we’re ticking off all the bases.


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Plan your itinerary and make a budget

“Before you go, research your destination to find out exactly what there is to see and do, as well as local prices in your destination. Make sure you plan in plenty of free activities like beach days, sandcastle building competitions, nature trails, treasure hunts and trips to local parks – the options are endless! Then make a budget for each day so you know exactly what you have to spend.”

Katie North, Senior Content Executive

Save on toddler toys and games

“Instead of panic-buying expensive toys and activities at the airport when your tetchy toddler’s in need of entertaining, save your spends by wrapping up a few of their toys from home instead. You can pull them out at those meltdown moments and the unwrapping will provide lots of much-needed distraction!”

Gina Stone, Content Manager

Make use of your hotel’s facilities

“Put the facilities at your hotel to good use, like free shuttle services to beaches and town centres, reduced bike hire rates or even local restaurant deals. You can ask your In-resort Customer Helper about bookable experiences too.”

Imogen Goulding, Senior Content Executive

A wallet-friendly family day out

“Looking for a great family day out in Menorca? For under €2, get a local bus to Ciutadella to spend the day exploring its charming cobbled streets. Or visit in the evening to experience the local night markets. From the 17th-century gothic cathedral to the famous harbour and ancient streets lit up with fairy lights – who would want to miss this unique experience?

Ellie Thomas, Resort Customer Helper, Jet2holidays

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Reservations = reductions

“Download apps that work with local restaurants offering discounts – if you reserve ahead, you can sometimes get up to 30% off.”

Sarah Price, Contracts Manager

Snap up a snack with your drink

“On the Costa Dorada, look for weekend offers on vermouth and wine packs in local bars – they usually include crisps, olives or nuts when ordering for two people.”

Lisa Hall, Contracts Manager

Try your hand at haggling

“Try your hand at haggling at the Sunday market in Calis, Turkey. You can barter down the price of all sorts of goods, from fresh fruit to spices, jewellery and bags.”

Clare Deacon-Alparslan, Destination Manager Dalaman

Save on two wheels

“If you know you’ll be out and about exploring your destination, consider hiring a scooter or bike to save on taxi costs, which can soon mount up.”

Dearbhail Kirrane, Senior Product Executive

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Check your data allowance and make use of free Wi-Fi

“Lots of phone providers will let you use your minutes and data while abroad, which means you won’t have to fork out to use your phone on holiday. If not, you’ll find Wi-Fi in loads of hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés where you can use it for free.”

Olivia Matthews, Content Executive

Enjoy free music and festivities

“During the hot summer months, lots of Spanish councils hold open-air concerts for everyone to attend for free. You can enjoy a line-up of things like flamenco, pop, jazz, and classical music. It’s a great way to soak up the local culture and meet new people too.”

Imogen Goulding, Senior Content Executive

Eat for less, like the locals do

“The famous Pitta Gyros is a great-value street food. Pitta, meat, tzatziki, tomato, chips… it's a full meal for just €3.”

Andreas Papatheodoropoulos, Contracts Manager

Find free things to do

“Wherever you're on holiday, there will be free things to make the most of. Just Google "free things to do" and your location, and you're likely to find all sorts, from walking tours to local classes and complimentary tastings.”

Sarah Pasby, Partnerships Manager

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Keep a check on group spends

“Download the app 'Splitwise' to make working out the cost per person super easy when paying for things as groups while you're away. It gives you the option of adding in the bill you picked up and selecting which friends were involved in the tab. The app works out the most simple way for everyone to pay what's owed, to who, and in the least amount of transfers. And it means nobody is left short changed.”

Chelsea Tranmer, Senior Product Executive

Split your spends fairly

“If your whole group has a Monzo card (easier to use on holiday than changing Euros, no left over change at the end of your holiday to change back or leave at the bottom of your bag!), you can use the shared tabs function. Keep track of who owes what, settle individual bills equally as you go or keep the tab running for the entire holiday and split at the end.”

Dearbhail Kirrane, Senior Product Executive

Be smart with your toiletries

“Stock up on toiletries before you travel. The bigger the bottles, the lower the prices usually are. You'll have plenty of space to pack them in your 22kg suitcase. If you're going on holiday with friends, sharing is caring.”

Ashleigh Jones, Senior Content Executive

Save by sharing

“If you go out to eat tapas in Spain, order to share, as the locals do. Or order a few starters to share instead of one each, again, as the locals do – it’s a great way to keep the bill down.”

Jannie Andersen, Contracts Manager

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Posted: 20th Oct 2022. Updated: 1st Mar 2023.

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