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Travelling overseas: What do the new guidelines mean?


Quarantines, travel corridors and face masks – this “new norm” can leave us in a spin. But don’t worry, we’ll explain exactly what it all means for your holiday plans this summer.

If lockdown’s left you lusting after sunnier climes, then great news, as holidays are very much back on the horizon. After months of uncertainty, we now have the green light to whisk you away to fun in the sun again.

But things are a little different these days, so here’s the lowdown on what’s what when it comes to going on holiday.

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What are travel corridors?

Right now, if you enter the UK from overseas you have to self-isolate (or quarantine) for 14 days. However, the UK government has listed some countries where this will no longer be the case and non-essential travel gets the thumbs up. That means you can holiday to one of those places and not have to quarantine when you get back.

At the other end, these countries won’t make travellers from the UK self-isolate when they arrive there either. So you can holiday with no need to quarantine at either end – result! And this two-way agreement is what they call a travel corridor – or air bridge.


Are there any entry requirements?

There could be, yes. But every country has its own policies in place, so it depends on where you’re travelling as to whether you need to take action before you get there. Greece requires you to fill out a form online, no later than 10pm the night before your flight. A personal QR code will then be generated for you, which you’ll have to show at border control when you arrive. Turkey and Italy both have online forms to complete pre-travel too. Simple. As for Madeira, if you haven't got a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours of your arrival to the island, you have to take a free test at the airport when you land.

And within the 48 hours before you’re due to arrive back in the UK from your holiday, you’ll need to fill out a Public Health Passenger Locator Form to register your travel and contact details. You’ll need to show the completed form at the UK border too.

Want to know more? We’ve created a handy guide to country entry requirements so it’s super clear what you need to know before you travel.

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What safety measures are in place?

A number of governments, public health authorities and aviation officials across the globe have put together lots of guidance to help airports, airlines and travel operators keep their customers and colleagues safe while travelling.

Face masks are now an absolute must, so that means wearing one at the airport, on the plane and even out and about in your holiday resort and hotel if the local laws say so. Regular hand washing and social distancing are the other top ways to stay safe.

All airports differ slightly, but you might get temperature scans and checks before you enter to limit terminal access to staff and customers only. While inside, you’re likely to spot increased cleaning, lots of social distancing signage and queue management, hygiene stations and a focus on self-service to reduce contact where possible.

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And while keeping your distance is tricky onboard, face masks, staying seated as much as possible and a more touch-free experience is the approach we’re taking to stay safe. Our planes are also professionally cleaned every day and sanitised with a long-lasting disinfectant. When the planes are in action, cabin air is replaced every few minutes, with 99.97% of bacteria removed by a hospital-grade HEPA filter.

Once you’re on holiday, we have an amazing in-resort team who are busy taking care of everything in line with the local guidelines to make sure you have a happy and healthy stay. And that includes our hotel partners, who have also introduced extra measures to keep everyone safe and sound. Again, each hotel has its own rules, but think spacing out around the pool, more activities outside in the fresh air, pre-bookable time slots and less self-service in restaurants and bars.

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At Jet2holidays, your safety is our priority – always. And we want to reassure you that you’ll have a safe and smooth journey with us, from start to finish. It may all look a little different right now, but that holiday feeling is still yours to savour this summer.

*This information was correct at the time of publish, but please note that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the guidelines are changing regularly so may be subject to change.

Posted: 24th Aug 2020. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas