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Top things to do in Montenegro


Discover boundless Balkan beauty when you touch down in Montenegro.

This country may be quaint, but wow, it really packs in the action. With oodles of natural beauty spots, astounding architecture and a rich history, you won’t struggle for things to do in Montenegro.

Whether you’re all about that tan or an avid history buff, this Balkan country ticks all the boxes. On top of that, the people of Montenegro are famously friendly, so you’re guaranteed a warm welcome whatever your plans.

Ready to explore? Let’s kick-start your trip with our list of the top ten things to do in Montenegro.

  1. Stari Grad, Budva
  2. Becici beach
  3. Explore Biogradska Gora
  4. Mogren beach
  5. Walk the Budva Riviera
  6. Enjoy seafront meals
  7. Ostrog Monastery
  8. Experience Kotor Old Town
  9. Visit Herceg Novi
  10. Treat yourself in Tivat

1. Stari Grad, Budva

This is the shining star of Budva, offering winding cobbled streets, amazing eats and heaps of history. Despite suffering damage in 1979 at the hands of two earthquakes, Budva’s old town has been completely revived and is now the bustling hub of this city.

With red roofs, shining marble streets and sea views at every turn, many have dubbed this Montenegro’s ‘mini Dubrovnik’- but Budva’s Stari Grad has a charm of its own. Spend an afternoon wandering the ancient streets of this tiny town, enjoy a drink in a fortress setting or walk the walls for panoramic views. Whatever you do, be sure to have your camera at the ready.


2. Becici Beach

At almost 2km long and 100m wide at points, Becici Beach is the crowning glory of Budva. If you want sweeping views of the Adriatic, look no further! This is the place to be.

With pebbles underfoot, plenty of activities to choose from and sun loungers aplenty, Becici is the perfect spot to while away a day in the rays. Thrill-seekers can leave the beach towel behind and head out to the open waters to take part in one of the many water sports on offer.

3. Explore Biogradska Gora

Looking for a day trip away from the coast? Lace up your hiking boots and set out on an adventure to one of Europe’s last three primeval forests. Biogradska Gora is just another example of the beauty and diversity of Montenegro’s nature offering.

Sightseers can ramble through the national park at a leisurely pace, while more active day-trippers can take on a full expedition. Whatever your pace, make sure you have a pit stop at Lake Biograd. The reflective surface of this crystal-clear lake gives you twice the beauty, making for a truly breathtaking picnic spot.

4. Mogren Beach

Mogren Beach is a sunspot to be reckoned with. Soft sand, lush green nature at all sides and azure Adriatic waves lapping at the beach all add to this beach’s charm – there’s no denying Mogren is a looker.

Although only 350m long, the sand is split in two by a rocky outcrop of land. Forget hiking around though, a small tunnel connects the two beaches, adding a little adventure to your day of sunbathing.


5. Discover the Budva Riviera

With more than 15 beautiful beaches and 35km of Adriatic coastline to its name, Budva is Montenegro’s hotspot for shoreside lazing and seafront views.

If you’re a hardcore beach bum, what better way to enjoy your holiday than exploring the sandy corners of the Budva Riviera? Secluded coves and charming islets are waiting to be discovered, so crack out your flip flops, lay down your towel and find the perfect spot to top up your tan

6. Enjoy seafront meals

There’s nothing like winding down your day with a delicious meal and a side of sweeping sea views. Sound good? If so, get yourself to Becici Beach.

The waterfront is dotted with local eateries, where you can dine under the stars on one of the many outdoor terraces. From here, look out over the bay while enjoying traditional dishes. Seafood platters are a favourite, but you’ll also find plenty of choice with locally-cured meats, cheeses and olive oils on the menu.

7. Ostrog Monastery

Breaking through the rocky façade some 900m above the ground, Montenegro’s much-loved Ostrog Monastery should definitely be on your to-see list. It’s the perfect place for a day trip.

Gleaming white in all its glory, this Orthodox monastery is a truly spectacular sight that defies imagination and, seemingly, gravity!

You can get the train, catch a bus or even drive to see this epic feat of 17th-century construction.


8. Experience Kotor Old Town

Step into a fairytale when you visit Kotor’s old town. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is bustling with a jumble of red rooftops and sun-bleached buildings dating back to the 12th and 14th century.

Satisfy the architect in you with a visit to Kotor Cathedral or get your fill of myths and mystery with a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks. This little man-made island in Kotor Bay rose from the sea when locals placed rocks in the water to build the foundations for a church.

9. Visit Herceg Novi

Bordered by mountains on one side and sweeping sea views on the other, this tiered old town spills from the hillside, right down to the waters below.

Herceg Novi is an architectural treasure - a wander around these ancient streets offers more than a glimpse into this country’s history. Rather than a fortified town, Herceg Novi offers a mishmash of cultures, from Venetian design to Romanesque wonders.


10. Treat yourself in Tivat

Sitting pretty on Kotor Bay, Tivat is your one-stop destination for all things glamour. Here, old meets new and the traditional architecture blends perfectly with contemporary homes and shopfronts. Lose hours discovering this town and maybe even treat yourself to a shopping spree while you’re there.

Posted: 8th Oct 2019. Updated: 24th Apr 2023.

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