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Top 10 things to do in the Peloponnese


Make it the pleasing Peloponnese for your next getaway. Why wouldn’t you with mountain-backed beaches, ancient gems and lip-smacking cuisine?

The Peloponnese really has everything you want in a holiday. This part of mainland Greece boasts sun-kissed beaches, oodles of culture and plenty of city wandering. If you find it hard deciding between a city and a beach holiday, you don’t have to choose here. Why not have both?

You can tick off historical landmarks such as churches, museums and castles, or spend days lounging on the beach. Just be sure to fill up on Greek cuisine to keep you going!

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Agios Nikolaos

This city certainly delivers a mixed bag – you’ll find a balance of art and culture, bustling bars as well as quaint sleepy spots. Find Greek Mythology fascinating? Lake Voulismeni is a popular attraction teeming with history. Look for Athena and Artemis bathing in the water! Why not stroll around the marina followed by a lunch in one of the nearby cafes?



This seaside city’s central market is a great way to experience local Greek produce. Fruit and veg? Kalamata olives? Sfela cheese? Yes please. It’s a truly authentic experience here with many producers being small, family-run businesses. You can find Kalamata’s castle behind the old town and trust us, you’ll want to find it. This survivor of the 80s earthquake is the prime location for sunset views.

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Costa Navarino

Oh, beautiful Costa Navarino… We recommend taking a bike trip to get familiar with the region where you can pass through olive groves, quaint villages and white sand beaches. One of these is Voidokilia Beach. Get two beautiful spots for the price of one here as you’re also next to Gialova Lagoon – you might even eye spy a flamingo if you time your holiday right. Don’t miss a trip to Ancient Olympia! Explore an Olympic stadium, the Zeus and Hera temples and the captivating museum.

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This stunning village is located in Mani, where a wild and rugged landscape meets a tourist haven. With only two beaches, Stoupa gets busy in peak season but it’s easy to understand why. You’ll find shallow waters, long sandy beaches and bundles of yummy eateries. Morning walks have never looked so beautiful. Kalogria Beach is backed by a breathtaking mountainous landscape that you’ll definitely want to capture.



Fancy a medieval city? Walk around this town for some time travelling and take in the sea views from a higher space. There’s also a modern town outside of the Rock which is a tourist hit. Discover stone mansions and Byzantine churches – the church of Christ Elkomenos is a great one to visit and is very photogenic.

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It’s easy to set sail from Methoni to magical mini islands like Schiza and Sapientza. A bit of island hopping brings true delight! And so does soaking up the sun on a gorgeous Greek beach, right? A visit to the UNESCO-protected ancient city of Mystras will leave you in awe. Well, it is the birthplace of the last Byzantine emperor after all… Don't miss the Bourtzi Fortress, you'll want to get some pictures of this!

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Get your fix of freshwater swimming in Finikounda’s dazzling turquoise waters. It’s a great beach location paired with a cute harbour and stone lighthouse. Tap into your inner peace during your rambles along paved alleys, dropping into endearing cafes and souvenir shops. Loutsa Beach is hugged by wild greenery so for a more relaxed, simpler way of spending your beach days, this is it.

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Say hello to the western coastal town of Kyparissia and you won’t want to say goodbye. It makes for a great family holiday as there are lovely beaches and great facilities. It’s easy to reach other gems like Kalamata and Olympia with car hire, but Kyparissia has more than enough to keep you busy. The medieval castle provides phenomenal views of the town!

The Peloponnese, here you come. We can’t wait for you to have the best time, which resort calls out your name?

Posted: 18th Sept 2023.

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