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Top 10 things to do in Lefkas


Touch down in Preveza and make your way to Lefkas for some of the most beautiful beaches, finest food and cheeriest atmospheres in Greece…

There are plenty of things to do in Lefkas, so you can more than pack out a week’s holiday in this glorious Greek region. You’ll find resorts showcasing all sorts, which means exploring traditional towns is just as on the agenda as chilling on barely-touched sands.

Curious to experience it all for yourself? We’ll steer you in the right direction. Here’s our lowdown on the top ten things to do in Lefkas:


1. Milos Beach

To say reaching Milos Beach is rewarding is an understatement. This hidden-away stretch is all glittering sands and a smattering of sun beds. Despite its relatively remote location, it’s incredibly popular – this will become clear to you when you see how many laid-back people are hanging out on loungers by the waves.

From Agios Nikitas, you can take an uphill hike through the woodland. There’s one designated narrow path which eventually leads to the downwards stretch that looks onto the beach. Take a breather at the top as a midway point, then get excited for some R&R at the bottom.


2. Nidri Waterfalls

The cascading wonders of Nidri Waterfalls can be hiked or biked to. Set off from central Nidri and follow one of the routes to the site – you’ll have a choice of a few. If you’re game for an experience to remember, why not book yourself a beginner’s mountain biking tour? Most of the route is fairly flat and tame, so it’s really just a cycling trip. What sets it apart is the gorgeous olive groves you’ll pass through.

Once at the café near the waterfalls, dismount your wheels and make your way to the top on foot. Don’t forget your camera – this natural phenomenon is pretty epic among the top things to do in Lefkas.


3. Agios Nikitas Beach

Self-confessed seaside fan? Make sure you spend time on both Milos Beach and Agios Nikitas Beach, as they’re so close to one another. It’s here you’ll find polished pebbles and dainty colourful boats dotted by the water’s edge. The strip of beach is backed by low-key cafés – one is even set into the rock – and gingham tablecloth-adorned tavernas. If an ice cream in the rays isn’t enough, you can always refuel on classic gyros, grilled halloumi or Greek salads.


4. Ponti-Vasiliki Beach

In vibrant Vasiliki, where gym bunnies and yoga pros unite in a common focus on well-being, you’ll come across Ponti-Vasiliki Beach. It’s the ideal hangout for windsurfers thanks to the naturally gusty conditions. You’ll see seasoned experts take to the waves in style, while others might join a class before refining their newly-learned skills. It’s yet another beach in Lefkas that really pulls in the crowds.


5. Old wooden bridge

There’s a cute old wooden bridge in the town of Lefkas that’s pretty central and easy to find. It’s split into three curved sections and connects a strip of taverna-lined promenade to a jetty-style walkway out on the water. Although it’s not the most groundbreaking sight you’ll clap eyes on, it’s pretty enough for a pic. In fact, you’ll probably see people flocking to get selfies on it at sunset.

6. Faneromeni Monastery

Prepare to unearth one of the most humbling things to do in Lefkas. Faneromeni Monastery oozes tranquillity and has bragging rights to exceptional views of the towns and sea below. Follow a long road up to Tsoukalades and you’ll spy this serene religious commune. Within the complex, not only will you feel an air of calmness, you can wander around the main church, blossoming courtyard gardens and a small zoo. You’ll be able to glance at religious manuscripts and Byzantine icons inside the museum.


7. Explore Lefkas Town

Fairly obviously, one of the essential things to do in Lefkas is to explore its main town. You’ll be surrounded by casual cafés and traditional Greek restaurants, so why not pitch up for an al fresco late lunch? Souvenir shops are dotted between stores selling clothes and accessories, alongside upmarket places to buy take-home foodie faves like olive oil, individually-wrapped baklava and miniature bottles of ouzo.

As you walk, you’ll also come across rows of dreamy pastel-coloured houses, all splashed with bougainvillea, potted plants on bright balcony railings or shuttered windows.


8. Churches in Lefkas Town

Likewise, in Lefkas Town – or Lefkada Town, as the locals know it – you’ll soon see that churches are in abundance. Rustic-look stone buildings embellished with crosses, religious quotes and service times will be around many corners. One of the most well-known is the Metropolitan Church of Lefkada, which stands proud in its faded yellow colour.


9. Discover Lefkas Marina

Lefkas Marina is a large port with extending jetties, each one hooked up to moored boats and yachts. You’ll find everything from the authentic to the swish. Make your way around and you’ll be met by waiting staff ready to seat you in fresh fish restaurants, typically Greek dining spots and chic waterfront bars. If you’re looking to eat like royalty, you’ll have bags of choice here.

10. Hunt for the best baklava

Last but not least, one of the tastiest things to do in Lefkas is go on the hunt for the best honey-soaked baklava. If you’re not familiar with this sugary dessert, it’s made with layers of filo pastry stuffed with chopped nuts and glued together with a dollop of honey. Is your stomach rumbling yet? You’ll be able to buy boxes of bite-sized baklava, but head to a bakery in Tsoukalades or Nidri for big slabs of these tempting treats at reasonable prices.

Leaning towards Lefkas? We thought so!

Posted: 19th Sept 2023. Updated: 24th Apr 2024.

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