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Top 10 things to do in Las Palmas


Heading to the capital of Gran Canaria? When you peel yourself away from the pool, let us introduce you to the must-see places in Las Palmas.

Want to see more of Gran Canaria? We suggest a day trip to Las Palmas. Although that might not be enough with the extensive list of attractions there... So let us introduce you to the 10 places you absolutely have to visit in Las Palmas.

1. Las Canteras Beach

The number one attraction in Las Palmas, according to travellers on Tripadvisor, Las Canteras Beach is a lengthy playa right next to the city centre. The wide beach will fit everyone’s towels, so don’t worry about finding a space to lie down and unwind. There are plenty of restaurants on the beachfront if you get peckish or fancy a drink. Feeling adventurous? Head to the closest water sports point to get yourself some snorkelling gear and dive in!


2. Vegueta

Although this Old Town of the city is a short car drive away, it’s definitely worth a visit. The authentic architecture and beautiful plazas ooze this quintessential Spanish feeling no one will be able to resist. While you’re here, why not look around and visit Casa de Colon and Plaza de Santa Ana?

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3. Plaza de Santa Ana

The gem of Las Palmas, Plaza de Santa Ana lies in the heart of Vegueta. The square has two beautiful yet wildly different buildings on the opposite ends of it. On one side, you’ll see Cathedral de Santa Ana – the historical 15th-century church. Step inside to see the intricate details of the cathedral’s design, especially the arched piers, designed to look like Spanish palm trees. On the other end, you’ll find the Town Hall. The building is more modern than the Cathedral but it’s this contrast that makes the square so special.

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4. Triana

What used to be the main street of Las Palmas has now transformed into a remarkable open-air shopping area. Wander through the shops, whether you’re looking for a sentimental souvenir to bring back home or a new pair of kicks. Wardrobe doesn’t need an upgrade? Look up to see the colourful houses through the green crowns of the palm trees.

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5. Nibbles and tipples

Whether you’re looking for a quiet pint in the afternoon, an elegant wine glass on a romantic evening or an electric night filled with music, Las Palmas will not disappoint. The absolute musts are El Deseo and Lucira Restaurante. Want to know more of our favourite spots? Read about the best restaurants or the nightlife guide to Las Palmas.


6. Mercado del Puerto

This unique spot in Las Palmas is a must-visit if you’re looking for some fresh produce or a bite to grab on the go. Once a train station, Mercado del Puerto has transformed into a bustling market filled with tapas bars, curb-side restaurants and stacked stalls. It sits next to Las Canteras Beach, so you won’t have to travel far either!

7. Gabinete literario

As the name suggests, this gorgeous building is a bookworm’s dream as it’s stacked with literary and other art. Don’t worry if you’re not a massive culture enthusiast though – just walk around the palace before taking a seat in the terraced restaurant. If the timing’s right, be sure to catch an event in one of the charming halls.

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8. Casa de Colon

Retrace the steps of the explorer Christopher Columbus in Casa de Colon, where the legendary discoverer is said to have stayed before his famous voyage. Today, the house is a museum dedicated to Columbus and is open to the public. Be sure to visit to see some of the traveller’s belongings and drawings, alongside another 13 exhibition rooms filled with memorabilia.

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9. Calle Cano

While this street isn’t a tourist attraction per se, it’s definitely worth a stroll if you’re looking for something off the typical visitors’ track. This spot is perfect for charming local bars and souvenir shops or just an afternoon wander to work up an appetite for dinner. Calle Cano features a mixture of new and old houses which blend in perfect harmony. See it for yourself!


10. Ciudad Jardin

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Las Palmas, lies a lush oasis – Ciudad Jardin. The flower-studded district is like a mini park filled with statues, water fountains and hotels, displaying different architectural styles. Pop into the most notable one – Hotel Santa Catalina, where the likes of Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill have walked…

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Posted: 14th Sept 2023.

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