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Tips for travelling with toddlers


Feeling apprehensive about travelling with a toddler? We’re here to help! Take note of our handy tips for a worry-free flight...

We all love a family holiday, but sometimes things can be a little bit trickier with toddlers in tow. From boarding to beyond, we’ve got some tips to help your journey run smoothly.

Jet2holidays’ top tips for travelling with toddlers

  1. Make use of our friendly Red Team. They’re dressed in, you guessed it, red uniforms, and they’re always on hand to help.
  2. We’ve got a great onboard menu with kid-friendly snacks and drinks, but sometimes these can run out! Be sure to come armed with some spares – it’s better to come prepared to avoid disappointment (and hungry tums!)
  3. Prepare for air pressure! Sometimes the change in cabin air pressure can cause discomfort. Have your little one sip something just before, and during take-off and landing. The swallowing will help the pressure.
  4. You can check car seats up to 10kg into the hold for free. For anything over that, see our FAQs for details.
  5. Whether your little one is an early riser or more of a night owl, you can pick from our great range of flight times to suit you and their schedule.
  6. Leave plenty of time to get through security and check your local airport’s website to see if there’s a family priority lane to prebook.
  7. Consider ordering some pharmacy essentials to pick up when you get to the airport. This includes things like nappies, wipes and suncream.
  8. If you’re taking a pushchair, it doesn’t have to be checked in with your suitcases. You can take it right up to the plane door, just before boarding, where it will then have to folded down and stored in the hold by one of our friendly team. You’ll then be able to collect it from the carousel when you reach your destination.
  9. Make the most of the 10kg hand luggage included and pack plenty to keep them occupied! Anything from colouring, soft toys, games, toddler headphones and iPads.
  10. If you want to heat up milk onboard, just ask our Cabin Crew! Just make sure you have your own container and powder or milk.

Introducing Jet2’s First Flight Club...

Is it your little one’s first flight? Let our friendly onboard crew know and we’ll give your little Jet2Junior one of our First Flight Club certificates to remember it by!

Want to share the memory on social media? Just include the hashtag #Jet2FirstFlightClub and get posting!

Posted: 1st Mar 2023. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas