The benefits of holidaying solo


Not quite sold on the idea of a solo getaway? These brilliant benefits might be just enough to sway you. Go on, get that holiday feeling…

The idea of going it alone on a getaway might be quite daunting but in reality, a solo holiday can be extremely liberating. There are no picky partners, fussy friends or family members in tow, so you’re in the driving seat, and for once, it’s all about you!

Solo holidays are becoming more popular every year, so what better time than to check one out for yourself? Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy on a holiday for one…


The freedom to do exactly what you want

Where you want and when you want! You’re on your own, so the only person you have to answer to is yourself. This means getting up when you want, eating at a time that suits you and visiting the places on your bucket list. Want to catch the sunrise on the beach at 5am? Go for it! Want to stay up late and sip cocktails into the early hours of the morning? Why not!

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The cost

If you’re booking a solo Jet2holiday, you’ll automatically be eligible for our solo traveller discount which will take £30 off your booking! Simply enter code SOLO30 at checkout. Think what you could do with that extra money – a meal out or day trip perhaps!


The ultimate opportunity for you time

Longing for five minutes’ peace? How about a long weekend or whole week’s worth instead? Just imagine stretching out on a sun lounger by the shore and leafing through the pages of your favourite book with no interruptions or disturbances – dreamy! You could even pop to a spa and really spoil yourself with some indulgent treatments.


Make lifelong friends

When holidaying as a group, you tend to stick together but when you go it alone, you’ll probably be much more likely to chat with the locals and meet new friends in a similar situation to you. Sharing stories and experiences helps bring people together and while you’re away, you’ll no doubt create memories with these new-found friends that will last a lifetime.

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Gain confidence

Exploring somewhere new on your own can work wonders for your self-confidence. Without friends or family on the scene, you’ll be chatting to people directly, whether that’s locals or other likeminded holidaymakers. From ordering a meal in a restaurant to hopping on public transport and asking for directions, you’ll be fully in the driving seat when it comes to communication!

In the mood to fly solo on your next getaway?

Posted: 11th Jan 2021. Updated: 3rd Oct 2023. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas