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The A-Z of Athens


Want to know more about Greece’s gorgeous capital? Read through our A-Z guide to Athens and you’ll feel much more acquainted with this ancient wonder.

Peel back the layers of Ancient Greece on a Jet2CityBreak to amazing Athens. It’s not all crumbling ruins and tremendous temples in this part of the world though, you’ll have fantastic shopping, dining and nightlife at your fingertips too!

Want to delve a little deeper? Check out our quick and handy guide to Athens – it’s as easy as A, B, C!

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Acropolis. The most iconic of all of Athens’ attractions, this ancient citadel is home to a cluster of world-famous sights.

Beer. Sample everything from the big names like Mythos and Alfa to the relatively unknown microbrewers dotted throughout the city. Craft beer, brew pubs, bottle shops – you name it, they’ve got it.

Capital. Athens is Greece’s capital, so if you’re after the hustle and bustle of city life, then a long weekend here is just what you need.

Day trips. If you do feel like taking a bit of time out from the city, there are plenty of day trip options right on your doorstep. Island-hop across to pretty Aegina or head north to the tranquil town of Halkida.

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Erechtheion. Admire the six intricately sculptured female figures that support the roof of this ancient structure.

Freddos. An iced Greek coffee is the perfect way to kick off a busy day of sightseeing.

Gyros. Chargrilled meat, sizzling onions and peppers, a drizzle of traditional tzatziki, and a squidgy pita bread – this fragrant Greek fave has it all.

Homemade. Whether it’s meals, snacks or even souvenirs, hunting down the family-run shops, traditional bakeries and restaurants can help you get a taste of authentic Athens.

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Ice cream. You’ll find the best parlours in Plaka, the oldest neighbourhood in the city. The best way to cool off in the heat is with an ice cream piled high and topped with all the trimmings!

Jewellery. Look for the ‘Evil Eye’ symbol which features on many local pieces. It’s said to be good luck and can help ward off evil spirits.

Kolonaki. It’s a glam and glitzy part of the city where streets are lined with designer boutiques and high street names.

Lycabettus Mountain. Want some seriously swoon-worthy views? Head up the city’s highest peak and enjoy undisturbed vistas wherever you look.

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Monastiraki. It’s the home of Athens’ popular flea market where you can take your pick from street food vendors and clothing stalls.

National Gardens. For that Instagram-worthy shot, head to this gorgeous green space. Stroll the palm tree walkways and soak up the sunshine.

Old Town. Labyrinth-like streets draped in fuchsia-coloured bougainvillea make up Plaka, Athens’ Old Town.

Parthenon. These temple ruins date back to around 447 BC. Drenched in sunlight or lit up after dark, it’s a stunning sight!

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Quaint cafés. Live like the locals and pull up a chair in a pavement café and watch the world go by.

Rooftop cocktail bars. Sip a sweet sundowner from the perfect vantage point. A for Athens is one of our faves!

Shop ‘til you drop. Flea markets, designer shops, pop-up boutiques and high street names, Athens has all the remedies to satisfy your need for retail therapy.

Tavernas. These laid-back, no-fuss hangouts are ideal snack stops and watering holes.

Underground. Athens’ Metro is the second oldest underground transport system in the world after the London Underground.

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Views, views, views. No matter which direction you look, you’re treated to marvellous mountains, distant sea vistas or colourful city streets.

Wine bars. Looking for a cool and cosy hangout where you can sip some local tipples and unwind after a busy day? The city’s great selection of wine bars will be right up your street.

X marks the spot. With so many fascinating sights to tick off on your Athens wish list, be sure to plot them all on your map so you don’t miss out on a thing!

You time. Make time in your busy holiday schedule to relax. Spas, lakes, Turkish baths and public parks make this easy peasy.

Zeus Temple. This half-ruined temple is right at the heart of the city and is dedicated to Zeus, the head of the Olympian gods.

Posted: 29th Jan 2021.

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