Nature and adventure

Natural wonders of Lanzarote


Lose yourself in otherworldly landscapes, trek volcanoes and uncover beauty at every turn when you touch down in Lanzarote.

Holidaymakers across the globe have a lotta love for Lanzarote. But behind the gorgeous beaches and lively resorts, Mother Nature has also gifted this island with some incredible landscapes.

With dramatic volcanic terrain, serene waters and gold-edged shores, Lanzarote really is a treasure trove. If you’re in the mood to explore and delve into these riches, be inspired by our favourite natural attractions.


Mount Roja

The crowning glory of this island is undoubtedly the dormant volcano that towers over the resort of Playa Blanca.

Although it’s impressive to view from the ground, the best way to experience Mount Roja is to climb it. The path up to this gentle giant may be steep at times, but the walk is short and, before you know it, you’ll be at the edge of the crater, taking in those incredible views.

Keep your eye out for unusual rock formations on the way, as previous eruptions have created some unearthly structures that could be plucked straight from outer space.

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Timanfaya National Park

One of the hottest natural attractions of Lanzarote is Timanfaya National Park. Made up of over 100 volcanoes, it’s a sizzling destination for anyone who likes a little geothermal action!

This sprawling park blends from black to red to brown to create an eerie Mars-like terrain. Right in the middle, you’ve got the aptly named Montañas del Fuego, or mountains of fire. Here, you can cook food on the ground from the heat of the volcanoes alone. Visit the café atop the volcano El Diablo, to see geysers go off from time to time. It’s sure to be a blast of a day trip!


El Lago Verde

The volcanoes of Lanzarote have done it again. The underground activity delivers yet another unearthly natural wonder over at El Lago Verde.

Here, volcanic minerals and tiny micro-organisms work their magic beneath the surface to form a half-moon lagoon where the waters are vibrant green. Edged by a small black volcanic beach and surrounded by deep red rocks on all sides, a visit to this spot really feels like an extra-terrestrial experience.


Los Hervideros

Lanzarote’s diverse range of natural wonders stretches from coast to coast, and this one will see you right at the water’s edge.

At Los Hervideros, the cliffs offer one of Lanzarote’s most exciting natural spectacles. The jagged rocks here were formed when hot lava flow clashed with the power of the Atlantic. As it cooled, some amazing formations were created, specifically the caves of Los Hervideros.

When the sea smashes into the cliffs, water is forced through the caves, which gives the appearance of the sea frothing and boiling. This is definitely one to capture, so make sure you have your camera on hand!


Jardin de Cactus

Do beautiful gardens and prickly plants spike your interest? In which case, the Jardin de Cactus should definitely be on your list of natural wonders.

The garden, found in Guatiza, is home to more than 1,400 types of cactus. In fact, this little corner of Lanzarote is home to more cacti than people! Jardin de Cactus is carefully tended, and offers fauna from across the globe. Although it’s the product of designer and architect César Manrique rather than a completely natural creation, it’s just another fantastic way to celebrate the diversity of Lanzarote’s landscape.


Raven’s Volcano

If you haven’t got your fill of this island’s volcanic scenery yet, we’ve got a treat for you. With a visit to Raven’s Volcano, you can combine jaw-dropping natural wonders, with just a sprinkle of legend and myth.

Take on the trail through the rugged, other-worldly terrain to the centre of the crater, where you’ll find a spiral of rocks left by other visitors.

According to legend, by walking through this spiral, you can cleanse your soul in the fires of the volcano… Whether you’re after a soul cleansing or a walk with incredible views, the Raven’s Volcano ticks all the boxes.


Jameos del Agua

Here, nature and art combine to offer something a little more unusual. Famed local architect César Manrique has celebrated a web of caves in an entirely new way – namely by weaving modern bars, restaurants and even a pool into this underground network.

The result? Jameso del Agua - an enchanting destination for a night out. Head beneath the surface to explore this beautiful collection of caverns and take it all in with a drink in hand. We doubt you’ll find a more interesting spot for a tipple!

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Beautiful Bodegas

What better way to really appreciate Lanzarote’s natural wonders then to enjoy on of its best offerings? We’re talking wine, of course. Head to one of the many bodegas and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple, as you sit among the fields where they were grown.

Bodega Rubicon should be on your list. The vineyard has a rich history of producing wine, dating all the way back to the 18th century. Alternatively, head to the Bodega La Geria, which produces a massive 300,000 litres of wine every year.

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