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Majorca’s hidden gems


While mighty Majorca is a holiday hotspot with lots of must-see attractions, scratch beneath the surface and many hidden gems will be revealed…

A roll call of charming towns, a bevy of beaches and coves and all-ages attractions have seen holidays to this happening isle become more popular for decades. But for those of you who can’t wait to go off the beaten track and stray from the typical must-dos, Majorca’s hidden gems await.

Away from the hustle and bustle, snuggled-away shores beckon beachgoers. Cycling routes can take a turn for the scenic too. How about dot-to-dotting around the time-treasured towns, all splashed in sepia, that offer undisturbed strolls? There are plenty of box-tickers for families and couples who are hoping to experience the island’s more natural highlights.

Ready to make notes? Here are our favourite Majorcan hidden gems:

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Deià’s dreamy walkways

Trace a trail of rich ambers and ochres as you potter around time-honoured Deià. Thick stone slabs range from bougainvillea-draped building right down to the steps that’ll navigate you from A to B. Sit down to a cold glass of white in a dinky restaurant as you drink in your stunning surroundings, then follow the winding road back down to the captivating coast.

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Just on from Deià, the sleepiness of Llucalcari is on another level. Fewer than 30 houses reside here, so it nails peace and quiet. This go-slow pocket of Majorcan authenticity trickles down into Es Canyaret, where small areas of flowing water meet mud plots. Both are said to have nourishing properties for the skin, so who’s for a relaxing spa afternoon?

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Tranvía de Sóller

Tranvía de Sóller is the tram system that runs through the sun-blessed, citrus grove-enveloped town of Sóller. It operates through the centre of town, all the way to the seafront, which makes it a fab and fun way to journey around this part of Majorca, especially if you've got the kids in tow. The vintage carts have a charming Spanish look, so take walking off the agenda that day.

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Sandwiched between the capital, Palma, and Sóller, Bunyola is a postcard scene of faded beiges that'll enchant you. A railway line connects this traditional town to more of the island, while a modest scattering of shops and cafés fill the centre. Keep an eye out for the chief church-lined square, as well as token bursts of street art.

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Tucked-away parts of Alcudia Beach

Alcudia’s beach might be one of the liveliest stretches of sand in Majorca. But yes, it has its tucked-away parts, it’s just down to you to seek them out! Get there early in the morning to claim your spot or dig around to settle on a shaded patch that’s protected from the touristy buzz. The beach is so long that you’ll find somewhere suitable for jogging, chilling out, picnicking and sandcastle-making.

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Ermita de Betlem cycling route

Put your thighs to work as you embark on Majorca’s majestic cycling routes. This Balearic beauty is famous for its rugged climbs up to the breathtaking Tramuntana Mountains and testing annual Mallorca 312 race. You’ll have your pick of flatter, open coastal roads that lead from Playa De Muro and Puerto Pollensa though.

As those parts can get particularly crowded with other adventurers in the saddle, it’s a good idea to head off to Ermita de Betlem for something equally dramatic. The small village and its fascinating little church will be reward enough, but you can also witness Llevant Natural Park unfold when you ride this way. Although some hairpins provide trickier elements, it’s just a short 9km to cover each way.

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For rural resplendence, Artà’s the smarter choice. Over in the north-east, this is another town that enjoys close proximity to Llevant Natural Park. Ancient fortress walls, captivating caves and preserved Bronze Age settlement relics will be yours to explore. There’s also a quaint weekly market held on Tuesdays, which specialises in pottery and handwoven crafts.

Cala Banyalbufar

Set your sights on the Majorcan wilderness and you’ll come across Banyalbufar. Its naturally tiered hillsides have been sporadically built upon, so you’ll spy traditional Spanish architecture, all while plenty of greenery remains. Opt to descend towards the waves and Cala Banyalbufar will come into frame. The teeny bay is reachable only by foot, and it boasts nothing but tranquillity and freshwater falls that double as showers.

If that’s whet your appetite, we’re not surprised. Why not book your Majorca retreat today and dust off these hidden gems?

Posted: 1st Jan 2022. Updated: 13th Apr 2023. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas