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Luxury hotels set in beautiful gardens


When it comes to luxury hotels, setting is everything. But where is best to book for the most beautiful garden surroundings? Read here to find out...

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There’s something special about rich greenery set against the waves of azure water. It that makes for an incredible scene, and many of our Indulgent Escapes provide you with that exact backdrop. To narrow down your choice of luxury retreats with a country feel, we’ve hand-picked our favourite five hotels set within beautiful gardens...

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Columbia Beach Resort, Cyprus

Palm tree-lined pools are one of Columbia Beach Resort’s most eye-catching elements. The towering palms create pockets of perfect poolside shade, swaying with the gentle Mediterranean breeze. They separate sunbeds, line the hotels’ entrance and take centre stage on the green of the al fresco dining area.

Fully grown willow trees perch at the end of the pool, encompassing the area in its sage, while impossibly spherical bushes pave every walkway from the hotel to the beachfront. All this is set within the arms of the cliffside, edged by Pissouri’s coastline, which gives this exquisitely rustic country atmosphere to your stay at Columbia Beach Resort.

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Ikos Odisia, Corfu

On a vast oval plot of majestic greenery, Ikos Odisia pairs luxury stays with 60 acres of showstopping scenery. A circular path runs along the collection of deluxe bungalows and is dotted with staggering palm trees, offering picturesque terrace views. Large pines cover the periphery of the hotel, and the forest greens continue as you reach the beach.

The outdoor dining areas are covered with colours of emerald and olive, creating lovely, shaded spots around the tables. The surrounding walkways are decorated with vibrant flora and, as you venture around the cliff edge, where an impeccable hotel restaurant sits, you’ll see an array of olive trees. They're the most popular of their kind in Corfu.

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Pine Cliffs Gardens, Algarve

The Iberian oak is a popular tree in Portugal and can be found in abundance across the greens of the Pine Cliffs Gardens. Standing proudly above all other aspects of the hotel, the trees frame the relaxing pool areas and flourish in front of the balconies of the luxurious rooms. Take to your private terrace and look out at the vast, patchwork of Algarvian hues.

This hideaway is located within the rugged landscape of Albufeira. Rusty-red cliff faces line the shore which you can access thanks to the path down to the sand. Explosive colours greet you, from the tones of the cliffs to the fern-greens and turquoise waters. Enjoy the remarkable setting, idyllic gardens and leafy pines from almost any angle during your stay here.

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Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa A Royal Hideaway Hotel, Costa Blanca

Amid an expanse of breathtaking tropical gardens is the tranquil Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. More than 200 different plant species exist within these unique grounds, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the botanicals rather than a hotel in the Costa Blanca.

Mighty bamboo, exotic coconut and palm trees and, most notably, a 200-year-old Japanese bonsai tree, are just a few of the beautiful species found here. You’ll also stumble upon stunning waterfalls, which provide a superb setting for your relaxing stay.

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Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech, Morocco

The dreamy Fairmont Royal Palm in Marrakech is a must-visit if you’re after an oasis of bright greenery that spans the entire hotel. Large palms flank the entrance and perch poolside. Well-shaped shrubs decorate the trimmed greens where sunbeds are scattered for lounging, and twinkling lights hang between branches. Don’t miss this at sunset.

A stay within these grounds is truly magnificent, and if the scenery outside isn't enough, inside, you’ll find impressive cacti and shrubby pines by the state-of-the-art gym. The Fairmont Royal Palm also houses a championship golf course to enjoy.

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