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Love Island’s Curtis talks holidaying in the ‘new normal’


Love Island heartthrob and dancing extravaganza Curtis Pritchard talks holidaying in the ‘new normal’ after his recent Jet2holiday to Antalya in Turkey.

Famed for his appearance on the 2019 series of Love Island, 24-year-old professional dancer and WW (Weight Watchers® reimagined) ambassador Curtis Pritchard knows a thing or two about soaring off to the sun. On his most recent adventure, Curtis jetted away for six nights to the glitzy Antalya region of Turkey, checking in to the fabulous five-star Rixos Sungate hotel. But he wasn’t flying solo, no siree – brother AJ and his girlfriend Abbie were by his side for the ride!

How has holidaying changed these days? Curtis tells us what to expect from your next Jet2 getaway…

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First of all, how was your holiday? Your photos look fab!

“The holiday in Turkey was amazing from start to finish! I loved our hotel the Rixos Sungate, and I loved the resort and Antalya!”

How was everything at the airport? Did you still feel that same pre-flight excitement?

“We flew out from Leeds Bradford Airport, which basically might as well be renamed as Leeds Jet2 Airport! That feeling when you know you are going away is like you have something jumping around in your belly. So yeah, I definitely had that pre-flight excitement.”

How was it wearing a mask at the airport, on the plane and on your transfer, etc?

“I think we’ve become so used to this that it just feels normal now. It’s best to keep safe and to protect yourself and others at all costs.”

Was it nice to spend some time in the sun with AJ and Abbie?

“It was great to spend some time in the sun. Abbie is one of my best friends and AJ is my brother and best friend, so we all get along and just have the best time. It was so good for us all just to have a change of scenery and not have to work all day every day. We had an amazing time!”

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Was this your first time in Turkey? How did you find it?

I went as a young kid with the whole family so it wasn’t my first time, that was a long time ago though so I couldn’t really remember it. It was so good to be back in Turkey and I’ll definitely be going again.”

Where is your favourite holiday destination and why?

“I have a few favourite holiday destinations – Turkey is definitely up there, but I’m going to have to say Dublin in Ireland. I have so many incredible memories from Dublin having been on DWTS in Ireland. I worked on a cruise ship around the Mediterranean, so Italy, Spain and the south of France are up there too.”

Do you have any funny tales from any holidays you’ve been on before?

“Loads! Some I could share and some that I couldn’t because they are so embarrassing! “

What are your top packing essentials?

“Passport, sun cream, swimming shorts, Bose speaker and lots of laughter!”

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What was your fave thing about the Rixos Sungate hotel?

“The staff at the VIP pier were just out of this world. They were so friendly and made sure if there was anything we needed, we had it. The sea was fantastic, and the rooms were ridiculously comfortable! I loved it all.”

How did it differ from the Love Island villa?

“It was a lot less dramatic, and a lot less intrusive! Also, there were endless restaurants, three swimming pools, slides, water sports and the sea within walking distance of my room. I mean, the temperature was about the same.”

As a WW ambassador, how easy was it to keep up with your health and fitness regime while you were away?

“Myself and AJ went to the gym together each morning and I was able to stay on plan with my WW choices. I found it really easy and the hotel was well facilitated to cater to all tastes and plans.”

Did you go to any bars and restaurants outside the hotel? What was the atmosphere like?

“I didn’t actually no, we did go shopping outside the resort but not to any other restaurants. We didn’t need too as we had all we needed inside to be fair.”

How do you usually like to spend your holidays? Do you like beach days, exploring or a combo of the two?

“We usually do a mixture of the two…. A bit of beach, some exploring, always water sports and just relaxation and family time. The holiday before this, AJ took Abbie, mum and dad away which was great, I was in the villa so I missed that holiday.”

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What would you say to people who are feeling apprehensive about holidaying right now?

“I would say that the best thing to do is do your research properly. We were aware that the world is a strange place right now. We made sure we took all the precautions the government are telling us to take because safety must come first. The Sungate Rixos and Jet2 couldn’t have been safer in terms of measures taken.”

So, has the lovely Curtis got you in the mood for a holiday? Whether it’s this winter or next summer, your safety will always be our top priority and you can see all the extra measures we’ve put in place right here. You’ll also find a rundown of the country entry requirements on our website too.

Posted: 22nd Sep 2020.

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