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Jet2's Summer Book Club – Spotlight on: Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes


We've partnered with Penguin Books to bring you all the best reads this summer, plus a bumper prize! Read all about Jojo Moyes’ newest showstopper, Someone Else’s Shoes, here!


On the lookout for your perfect summer read? Well look no further than Jojo Moyes’ newest novel, Someone Else’s Shoes. Witty, charming and empowering, Moyes adds another triumph to her list of best-sellers.

Jojo SES Paperback

Jojo Moyes is known for writing likeable and relatable characters, and when we meet Sam, dishevelled and rushing for a make-or-break meeting at work, it's clear Moyes has done it again. Discussing the flaws in her marriage, the complex relationship with her daughter and her struggles with mental health, Sam validates the complications of womanhood, creating an instant connection between herself and the readers.

Then enters Nisha, Sam’s polar opposite. A wealthy, successful American living in England, with a son at boarding school and a globetrotting husband. A life Sam could only dream of. But when the two women accidentally take each other's bags out of the gym, they get to see what it's like to walk in each other's shoes, figuratively and literally...

Someone Else's Shoes is a story of mix-ups and mess ups, of self-discovery, romance, heartbreak, empowerment and friendship, and it makes for an exceptionally rewarding read.

Jojoauthorpic2 Claudia Janke

About the author

Jojo Moyes is an award-winning novelist, a #1 best-selling author and screenwriter. Her bibliography consists of hits such as the international phenomenon, Me Before You, The Giver of Stars and The Last Letter from Your Lover. Selling over fifty-million copies worldwide, Moyes has cemented her place as one the most influential authors of this generation. She began her career as a journalist, and since 2002 has been crafting novels for audiences around the world. She is one of only a few authors to have been awarded The Romantic Novel of The Year Award twice for her work, as well as winning the People’s Choice Award in 2017 for her screen adaption of Me Before You. Moyes was born in Kent and now lives in Essex, with Someone Else’s Shoes being her 17th novel.

Q&A with the author

The Jet2 content team were able to catch up with Jojo and hear all about her fabulous trips, top travel tips and favourite places to take some well-deserved time to unwind. Here’s what she had to say...

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

I go to a horse farm in Portugal, around an hour from Lisbon, where I have dressage lessons and basically become a 12-year-old girl again - free of responsibilities and just indulging my passion for horse riding. The landscape is gorgeous, the people are friendly, and there is nothing more recharging for me than sitting in a hot tub after a day’s hard exercise, watching mares and foals potter around eating good grass. Heaven.

What are your top 3 holiday essentials?

I don’t really have travel essentials. I am a very relaxed and easy traveller and always go hand luggage only if I can help it. If I have a passport and a wallet, I’m generally good to go - you can get most things wherever you’re headed. I do however like to fly with music on, so maybe my headphones are a must, a book, especially for unexpected delays, and maybe a set of earplugs, as I am the person who always ends up being kept awake by the hotel guest next door...

What’s your best holiday memory?

I think it is scuba diving off Mauritius and seeing a giant turtle on the seabed. There is something so amazing about being underwater - I had no idea until I learned to dive that there are whole landscapes under there, hills and valleys and corals that go on for miles. You never know what you are going to see under the ocean and it’s also incredibly peaceful. I remember seeing this turtle, just resting contentedly, and meeting his eye, and feeling this sense of privilege that I got to have a few minutes in his world.


'Giddily joyful. Moyes writes . . . with warmth and a wonderfully wicked sense of humour' - THE TIMES 'BOOK OF THE MONTH' - The Times

'Delightful. Nobody writes women the way Jojo Moyes does - recognisably real and complex and funny and flawed' - Jodi Picoult

'So much fun. Beautiful about female friendship' - Marian Keys

'A warm, witty and uplifting novel… It's a joy to spend time with Jojo Moyes' flawed, likeable characters’ - Sunday Express

Our thoughts...

“Throughout the years, I’ve often found myself picking up Moyes’ books, mainly because they’re so highly anticipated, but also because they rarely disappoint. I usually make them my holiday reads and they're such page-turners, I find myself reading for hours poolside. Favourites of mine are her fan-favourite, Me Before You and one of her earlier works, Night Music. Each time I pick up one of her novels I’m impressed, and Someone Else’s Shoes has kept that trend going. This veers slightly away from her usual romantic novels, and offers an ode to female friendship instead of love, but still provides a flawlessly beautiful book to get lost in.” - Melissa Grimbaldeston, Content Assistant.

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To get summer book ready, read the free sample provided by Penguin Books, then add Someone Else’s Shoes to your bag here!

Posted: 21st May 2024.

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