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How to spend winter in Prague


Outstanding architecture, buzzy nightlife and plenty of history. That’s the make-up of picturesque Prague, and when it’s sprinkled with snow, it’s even prettier. Let’s Czech it out…

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It's time to spread some Czech Christmas cheer...

Looking for a magical winter break that ticks all the boxes? Look no further than Prague. Come wintertime, the Czech capital doesn’t do things by halves so if you need your fill of festive fun, food and sightseeing, it’s definitely the place for you.

Whether it’s a few nights away mid-week or a long weekend, a Jet2CityBreak could be just what you need to kickstart the festive season in style. Not sure what to add to your itinerary? Here are just a few of the must-dos on a winter trip to Prague…

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Relax in a cosy, atmospheric café

In Prague, there are plenty of places where you can hunker down and find shelter from the chilly weather – and the city’s cute and quirky cafés are the best places to start. Slavia Café is an idyllic spot on the bank of the Vltava River opposite the National Theatre, where you can gaze over the iconic Prague Castle through the café’s large windows. Another hidden gem can be found inside the Czech cubist house of Dům U Černé Matky Boží (House of the Black Madonna), which is the restored Grand Café Orient – the only cubist café in the world!

When you’ve had your fill of coffee and cake, why not head out to explore the marvellous museums and galleries of Prague? The Kampa Museum, the National Gallery and the Franz Kafka Museum are just a few of our favourites!

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Uncover the historical side of the city

This city is jam-packed with history and culture so get that sightseeing list written, and let’s explore! We’ll start at Prague Castle, one of the largest castle complexes in the world, spanning a whopping 45 hectares! It was built back in the 9th century by Prince Bořijov and has since gained UNESCO World Heritage status. Wander the courtyards and palaces and experience this grandeur for yourself.

Another of Prague’s iconic sights is the 14th-century Charles Bridge. It’s just steps from the castle too, so you can easily tick off two sights at once. A stroll across the oldest bridge in Prague will showcase some beautiful views over the Vltava River whether the sun is shining or just about to set.

As night falls, why not splash out on a trip to the opera, ballet or theatre? You’ll get a real VIP treatment on a decadent night out in the various baroque venues and glamorous concert halls. The Nutcracker is a must-see!

Explore off-the-beaten-track Prague

Want to get away from it all and dodge the hustle and bustle for a few hours? Look a little outside the city and you’ll soon discover some real hidden gems. Art District 7 is just to the north of Prague, only a couple of stops away on the metro, and is a quarter that’s dedicated to all things creative with a distinct boho vibe. Bob in and out of art galleries and cafés or sit down to a display of unique art and culture in one of the independent theatres.

Like a leafy suburb feel and colourful art deco buildings? Then you’ll want to make a beeline for the trendy Vinohrady neighbourhood with its hip cafés, world-renowned eateries and lively LGBTQ+ scene. Nearby, the Žižkov district is like Vinohrady’s cool older brother with its cosy cocktail bars and endless pubs. In fact, Žižkov is said to have more pubs per square kilometre than any other neighbourhood in Europe! Enjoy a spot of pub-hopping and try all the local pilsners on offer.

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Sample the local food and drink

As the winter season hits, it’s all about making the most of local produce and ingredients in Prague, to serve up some hearty dishes that are sure to warm the cockles. Think wild game, pork specialities and thick soups and stews. Yum!

Start with a seasonal vegetable soup, such as Krkonošské kyselo that’s full to the brim with pulses, lentils, beans, mushrooms, onions, and a whole host of other vitamin-rich ingredients. It’s often served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread, so you get a handy edible bowl too. For main, it’s all about fragrant pork feasts that are doused in rosemary, bay leaves, juniper and thyme. Or failing that, the local black pudding features on most menus and it’s a lot tastier than what we’re used to having on a full English! And finally, to wash it all down, a festive mug of mulled wine or the local liquor, Becherovka will do the job nicely.

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How about a day trip?

If you’ve got a spare morning or afternoon on your city break itinerary, why not venture out of the city and see what else the magical Czech Republic has to offer? Central Bohemia is the largest region in the country, stretching for around 40 miles and encompassing the capital. And within it, you’ll find the enchanting Karlštejn and Křivoklát castles. In total, the country boasts more than 200 castles and chateaux, and these are two of its most-visited. These fairytale-like Gothic buildings feature everything from sky-piercing turrets to terracotta-tiled rooves. Inside, you’ll catch a glimpse of replica crown jewels and ceilings adorned with gold.

Around 1.5 hour’s drive north of the city brings you to Bohemian Paradise – a place that looks as good as it sounds. Unusually shaped sandstone rock formations tower high above rich green forests that create an eery atmosphere. Thousands of years of dramatic weather has shaped these into what they are today. Treasure hunters might also spot the remains of a medieval castle hidden among the trees. If you’re lucky enough to visit after a snowfall, you’re in for an even bigger treat. Don’t forget that camera!

And if that lovely lot wasn't enough, here are eight more things you can enjoy while visiting Prague this winter:

  1. Follow the Prague Lamplighter this Advent
  2. Ice skating
  3. Enjoying Czech Coffee
  4. Experience Cultural Shows
  5. Visit one of the city's many museums
  6. Learn all about beer
  7. Jump on a cruise on the Vltava River
  8. Discover Černý

Has all this talk got you in the mood for a whimsical winter getaway?

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