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Holidaying in the ‘new normal’ – A day in the life of a Senior CRM Manager


Want to know all about holidaying in the ‘new normal’? We caught up with our Senior CRM Manager to hear about his experience…

Holidays are even more precious at the moment. But, after jetting off to terrific Turkey with his family, our Senior CRM Manager, Simon Stevenson, found that getaways are still just as fun in this ‘new normal’.

Hi Simon! As you know, it’s crucial that everyone who flies with has not just a safe experience, but an enjoyable one at that. When you arrived at the airport, how did you find things?

“We flew from Leeds Bradford Airport and it couldn’t have been smoother. As we entered the departure hall, there was a gazebo/events tent, where they took our temperature before we checked in.

The airport was very quiet and well-spaced, with lots of staff to direct us. Everyone was in their masks too.”

How did you and your family feel in your masks?

“It’s standard to wear your mask in the UK to pop to the shops, go on public transport and so on, so it was second nature to have it on at the airport. We were all fine and comfortable in ours.”

Talk us through check-in and security checks.

“Check-in was pretty normal, and we breezed through that. It was also particularly speedy at security – there were fewer people around, so we whizzed through. Everyone seemed very relaxed too, which put us even more at ease. It was actually a more pleasant experience to what we’ve had previously!”


All the shops and restaurants were open, so we could grab some breakfast. But if you enjoy choosing meals and snacks from our in-flight menu, good news – we’re running our full service as normal!

When you started the boarding process, was anything different?

“It was mostly the same, with distancing in place for everyone’s safety. We unhooked our masks from our ears at one side when we showed the staff our passports and boarding passes, then put the masks back in place again.”

Once you were seated, how was your flight? Was anything new?

“It was great to see that the flight was almost full, and everyone seemed in good spirits. Of course, it’s essential that you wear your mask at all times during your flight – and this is reinforced in our friendly passenger announcements – so you feel safe and well looked after.

Although we didn’t get any of the onboard meals, plenty of other people did. And when they had their food and drink, they were able to temporarily unhook their masks.

As for toilet queues, they were the only things that were different, because they weren’t allowed. But everyone who needed to go was able to use the toilet when they needed to, without any stop-starts.”


It’s worth noting that, when you do remove your mask to eat and drink, you should unhook it instead of touching the front, to be extra safe.

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Now, you and your family were heading off to Turkey – whereabouts did you stay?

“We went to Side, in the Antalya Area. It was beautiful – and very hot each day, which was ideal! We were all after a bit of sun.”


Our Jet2holidays to the Antalya Area are great if you like to do a mix of things while you’re away. You can combine adventurous days out with history and culture. The hotel pools and beaches are so great there that you’ll also have plenty of options when you just want to relax.

Tell us all about your hotel…

“Overall, our hotel experience was fantastic. It was generally very peaceful there, with a reasonable number of guests, so we felt safe and could maintain social distancing all the time.

The members of hotel staff were always in masks and there were plenty of hand gel dispensers dotted around, which was reassuring. It was a large complex too, so you could spread out and respect everyone’s space, which was perfect.

The spacious pool terrace set within the vast gardens was a real bonus. The sunloungers were metres apart from each other, so you could chill out with lots of room.”

How about the bars and restaurants on-site?

“There was a buffet restaurant and a few à la carte places, which gave us great dining options. The buffet spread was sectioned into cordoned-off islands, which were monitored by a member of staff per place, so you just queued when necessary or went straight up. We weren’t kept awaiting. There wasn’t a one-way system or anything, but it felt very orderly and straightforward. The high ceilings of the large dining room also made it feel very airy, and the doors were always open.

If you wanted to dine outside, you had the choice when you used the à la carte restaurants. QR codes were available for drinks menus, but you could just ask the waiters when they came round.”


With so much to do around the Antalya Area, how did you and your family spend your days?

“To be honest, we were really looking forward to switching off and unwinding. And with such great weather over there, we were able to do that. But we kept busy and made the most of Side as well. It really was just like a normal holiday!

Due to the heat, we didn’t tend to walk from A to B, but used taxis for short trips instead. That worked well and everybody wore a mask on the journey – the driver included. We spent two weeks in Turkey and, in that time, we went paragliding, checked out a local waterpark (which was very quiet!) and headed into the countryside on an epic Jeep safari!

We also went on a boat trip, which turned out to be a massive pirate ship with areas that had belly-dancing entertainment, music and even a foam party! A bit different to what we expected, but still a laugh.”


Don’t forget to fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form before you fly home. It’s a pretty speedy process and, if you’re travelling with under 18s, they can be added to the same form.

“If there’s one thing you should do…

it’s head away on holiday, if you can. It’s a great way to reset and have some fun – particularly with the kids! Just remember masks, hand gel and all your usual holiday essentials, then you’ll be sorted.”

As Simon says, holidaying really is pretty normal right now! But for info about the extra safety measures we’ve put in place and the current country entry requirements, we have lots you can read online.

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