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Holidaying in the ‘new normal’ – A day in the life of a Customer Experience Manager


What’s it really like to go on holiday in the ‘new normal’? We know you’re bound to have some questions, so we’ve got the insider scoop…

Our very own Steve Adamson, General Manager of Customer Experience, keeps a close eye on all the finer details at Jet2holidays. As your safety is our priority, he knows just how important it is that we help you stay happy and healthy throughout your holiday journey.

Steve recently flew from Manchester Airport, so he’s got some wise words to share about going abroad in the ‘new normal’…

Hi Steve! Right now, many people haven’t been able to enjoy some sunshine abroad. With all the new measures in place, what’s it like to go on holiday?

“Ultimately, you’re enjoying the same holiday experience that you always have, just in a mask. It’s as simple as that! When you can have a break from your mask around the pool or on the beach, holiday mode soon kicks in and you have the great time you’d been dreaming of.

We’ve been working hard to make sure we provide our customers with top-notch info before they go away. You’ll find loads of helpful stuff online, which is well worth a read – even if you’re a regular traveller like me!”

Wearing a mask isn’t an unfamiliar concept now – how did you feel in yours generally?

“Mask-wearing feels second nature now. You have to put your mask on before you set foot in the airport and, to be honest, you don’t even notice it’s on after a while. Because everyone else is in theirs, you’d be the odd one out without a mask.”

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Did you spy anything different at the airport or was the overall experience pretty much the same?

“Generally speaking, it’s the same old airport, just with some safer modifications. We’re talking hand sanitiser dispensers, floor markings to show you where to stand, more staff to direct you from A to B… Depending on where you’re flying from, one difference is that some shops and eateries may not be up and running yet.”


While some places for a bite to eat might not be open, that’s okay because we’re still running our award-winning in-flight service as normal! That includes a super range of tax-free shopping and drinks, meals and snacks. You’ll have our fantastic in-flight magazines to leaf through too.

When it came to boarding your flight, how did it feel?

“It felt nice and safe. Our Red Team will ask you to unhook your mask from one of your ears to show them that it’s you when you’re boarding. They’ll also call you up in small groups so that they can look at your documents before you scan your pass, while maintaining social distancing.”

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Tell us about what it was like on the plane.

“Part of jetting off in this ‘new normal’ means you have to wear your mask on the plane. It’s the best way to keep yourself, other passengers and our Cabin Crew safe – it’s crucial. Our Customer Experience team has also worked on our great branded face masks for our Red Team to wear. You can even buy one yourself if you fancy a memento!

When you’re tucking into meals, snacks or drinks, you can unhook your mask while you graze. Just make sure you pop it back on as soon as you’ve finished.

The onboard experience is exactly the same. We wanted to make it that way, because giving our customers the friendliness and award-winning service they expect – and deserve – is key. Our team will be wearing extra-big smiles under their masks!

To make sure everyone’s got as much space as possible, we’re asking customers not to queue to use the toilets on board. That’s because everyone needs to stay in their seat as much as they can. But we mention that in our passenger announcements.”

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When you arrived in your destination, how did you find the airport?

“The guidance about where to stand was incredibly clear. We noticed extra security personnel were on hand to check people were wearing masks, which was good – safety first, after all! Collecting bags was nice and smooth too.

Don’t be alarmed if you have to go through any sort of thermal screening – some airports are employing these quick medical checks as extra measures. It’s usually a speedy process, so it’ll be done and dusted before you know it.”


Our Jet2holidays hotel transfers are still operating, just with a few little changes. Plus, our famously friendly In-Resort Customer Helpers will be available as normal to help you with whatever you need in our destinations.

What’s more, all our hotel partners are working extra hard to make sure their properties are ultra-safe spaces for you, in line with local safety guidelines. Some hotels have even used ‘break-the-seal’ stickers on the guestroom doors. That way, you know nobody’s been in since the room’s had a thorough clean. Brilliant for peace of mind!

How was it checking in at your hotel?

“Our hotel experience was a breeze from start to finish. All the staff wore face masks, whether that was in reception, the lobby or around the complex. We were given a QR code that generated a handy hotel map, the Wi-Fi password and a restaurant menu. As for our room, well, ‘spotless’ is the word! Everything was spick and span.”

How did you find it by the pool and in the restaurant?

“Distancing around the pool was great – there was even a one-way system for getting in and out. If only that had always been the case! So much easier. You didn’t have to wear masks at the pool, but you did at the bar, which also had protective screens.

At breakfast, you had to get your own food. If anything, that was better than normal! There was a one-way system and you wore your mask as per and a glove on your most dominant hand to pick up food.

We used the QR codes to browse the menu and order in the restaurant in the evening. Again, this was a slick process and the table service actually felt more attentive and enjoyable.”

What was the overall resort experience like?

“Out in resort, we still wore our masks as we pottered around. We had to keep them on to start with in the restaurants. Just like at the hotel, these made use of the QR codes, which was fab.

You didn’t have to wear your mask at the beach, which meant you could have a bit of a break – it was pretty warm! All in all, the resort experience was just what we’d hoped for.”


Wherever you choose to go on holiday, you have to fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form before you fly home. It’s the rules! It doesn’t take too long and under 18s can be added to the same form as an adult they’re travelling with.

“If there’s one thing you should do…

it’s go on holiday! It’s been a peculiar few months and it’s time we all make some nice new memories. You’ll get used to wearing a mask really fast, then you’ll be in the spirit of things just as you always would. You can’t beat time abroad!”

So, there you have it – going away is just the same, with a mask! Get set for a Jet2holiday to the ‘new normal’ and keep up to date about our extra safety measures and the latest country entry requirements now.

You can also read all about the journey from Steve’s stepdaughter’s perspective in our interview with 12-year-old Eleanor!

Posted: 1st Sep 2020. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas