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Holidaying in the ‘new normal’ – A day in the life of 12-year-old Eleanor


If you haven’t been away yet, we know you and the kids may have lots of questions about holidaying in the ‘new normal’. Who better to answer them than a real-life pre-teen who’s just been on her jollies?

That’s why we want you to meet 12-year-old Eleanor, who flew from Manchester with her family recently – including her stepdad, our very own Steve Adamson, General Manager of Customer Experience at Jet2holidays! Eleanor has loads to tell you about how great their trip was, so let’s introduce you…

Hey Eleanor, how was it to finally go abroad again?

“Hello! It was amazing thanks! Once you’ve got your mask on, it really was just like a normal holiday. I loved it!”

That’s excellent! It’s really important to us that everyone has a safe and happy experience – and we know Steve agrees! Before you jetted off, what was it like to arrive at the airport in your mask?

“I got used to wearing my mask really quickly. I think it’ll become normal soon, especially now we have to wear them here in the UK. I forgot it was on sometimes!”


It’s important to pop your mask on before you enter the airport. Then don’t touch the front of it because you might spread germs onto your hands!

What was it like at Manchester Airport? Had much changed?

“The Jet2 Customer Helpers at the airport were really friendly. They were all wearing masks, but I could tell they were smiling! There were floor markers too, so social distancing was easy.

After security, there was a lot of free-roaming. There weren’t many shops open, so you couldn’t buy hand gel. But, luckily, there were quite a few hand sanitiser stations dotted around the airport.”


Take your own hand sanitiser, but keep it under 100ml if you’re just taking hand luggage!

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When you got on the plane, how did it feel? Was anything different when you were in the air?

“It didn’t feel too different to normal when we got on the plane. We had our masks on still, and we noticed that Cabin Crew were advising everyone to wear theirs onboard.

The usual menu – including snack boxes, toasties and drinks – was still being served, which was great! It also meant I could take my mask off while I was eating and drinking, but I put it back on straight after.”

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When you landed, was anything new?

“I had to take off my mask when I held up my passport at the photo page, which was obviously different. We took three items of hand luggage and one large suitcase between us – which doesn’t sound like enough for the month’s worth of clothes that Steve packed for me! It was quite busy in baggage reclaim and we had to try to muscle into spare space, so nothing had changed there. But everyone was keeping their distance, and there was someone there if we needed any help.”


Don’t forget to keep your mask on the whole time you’re in the airport. If you have to go through medical screening when you land on holiday, don’t be worried – I wasn’t. It doesn’t take long and definitely isn’t scary!

How was your journey to your hotel?

“We got a taxi, which had a glass protector between us and the driver, and we were all in masks, so it felt really safe.”

Tell us about how it was at your hotel and in your resort.

“You’re on the same holiday, just in a mask. You really do get used to it! As soon as you walked into the hotel, it was an Instagram dream! In the lobby, I kept my mask on, then I removed it in my room. Some members of staff were in gloves, but all of them wore masks. The staff at the hotel were super friendly – I think they made even more of an effort because they were wearing masks. We felt really welcome.

When we checked in, there was a screen protector at reception. We were each given a QR code which unlocked a cool map of the hotel, the Wi-Fi password and the restaurant’s menu. That made things really handy and saved us having to touch a printed map, menu or leaflet.

When I went into my room, it was very clean and organised. Think just as comfy and trendy, but even cleaner!”

Go on – make us jealous and tell us about what you did on your holiday outside your hotel. Was your mask limiting at all?

“We went out for dinner a few times, which was really fun and the QR codes to access menus made it easy again (I actually prefer looking at the menu on my phone). I also had my nails done in a really pretty coral colour! We went for a refreshing swim in a cove that was a bit more hidden away on one of the days too. You don’t need to wear a mask on the beach or by the pool – which is good as I didn’t fancy swimming in a mask!”

Did you spot any silly masks?

“I saw someone wearing one that was designed like a cat’s face, with whiskers and everything!”

What was your favourite part of your holiday?

“Getting back in the sun! The weather at home has been rubbish, so it was so nice to feel some heat again. It was nice to see the sea every day, to walk along the beach in the morning and, of course, to go shopping and out for lunch every day!”


“Go on holiday, try new things and experiences, and have fun! I promise you’ll get used to the mask. Flying is still just as good – especially when you get the window seat!”

If, like Eleanor, you can’t wait to be in the warm rays, savouring adventures abroad again, you can explore our range of Summer 20 destinations and keep up to date about our extra safety measures now. Our Jet2holidays to the ‘new normal’ are right this way…

Posted: 21st Aug 2020.

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