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Bucket-list Spain: what to see, do and eat


Spain is bursting at the beaches with bites, sights and delights! But what to do first? From must-munch dishes to unmissable attractions, your bucket-list line-up has landed...

Some counties are made for foodies, others are a history hunter’s dream, then there’s the plots primed for unwinding. But Spain? Nope, Spain doesn’t just win at one, it excels in all the above! Here are just a handful of the iconic experiences on offer...


Tapas tasting

What’s better than mouth-watering morsels like gooey cheese croquettes, sizzling sardines and garlic-slathered prawns? Free ones, that’s what. Many Spanish bars serve up complimentary tapas when you order a drink, so you could enjoy prawns pil-pil for nil – ker-ching! Check out Sevillana in Nerja, where barstools spill out onto the whitewashed streets and free nibbles are go! It’s a personal fave of ours.

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Flamenco watching

Think Spain, think Flamenco, right? Elaborately dressed dancers take to the floor and perform expressive routines to traditional Spanish music, and we can’t get enough of it! Look out for the spectacular shows wherever you go. Some take place right inside the hotels, so you won’t even have to leave your accommodation to catch dancers in action. Out and about? Keep your eyes peeled for a tablao – AKA a flamenco venue!

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Beach lounging

Spain’s golden grains are the stuff of legends, so don your sunnies, pack the picnic and make a beeline for the beach! We love Playa de Las Canteras in Gran Canaria with its playground, sports zones and beachfront cafés. It's fab for families who like to mix lazing with playing. Oh, and it’s sandcastle-ready too! Got other plans than Gran Can? Check out our other must-see Spanish beaches here.

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Landmark ticking

Whether it’s Barcelona’s grand Sagrada Família, with its jaw-dropping late Gothic design, or the green-as-can-be Guadalest Valley around an hour’s drive from Alicante, you’re never far from something superb in Spain. Natural wonders and architectural works of art combine to create a sightseer’s dream round these parts.

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Paella sizzling

Big appetites are well-catered for in Spain – you only need to glance into a local chiringuito (beach bar) at the multi-metre-wide paella pans to know that! These rice-based beauties are often fried up al fresco to draw in the crowds, so watch the chefs in action before pulling up a pew and joining the queue. Chicken, prawns, calamari... each region has its own take on this saffron-infused stew, and some even veer away from that iconic yellow hue. Take the black versions for example – they're flavoured with squid ink!

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Sangria sipping

There’s something about sipping a drink in its homeland that just hits differently – and sangria definitely tastes better under the Spanish sun! Grab it by the jug and share with your group or order a glass to enjoy solo. Either way, you’re in for a refreshing, traditional treat! Usually red wine-based, sometimes white or rosé, this chilled, sweet punch varies by bar and restaurant. But it’s usually jazzed up with a splash of brandy, chopped seasonal fruit, sugar and orange juice... delicious!

Has this guide got you in the mood for a Spanish getaway? Hooray – our work here is done. Check out our fab flights and all-wrapped-up package holidays below, then it’s off we go!

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