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Best restaurants in Nice


You’ve seen the sights, strolled the promenade and sunbathed on the beach. Time for some gourmet dining! Not sure where to go? We got you...

Dotted with Michelin-starred restaurants and local-approved bistros, the gastronomy scene in Nice is the way to every foodie’s heart. Now on to the hard part – picking only one for the evening…

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Le Chantecler

Located in the most famous hotel in Nice, Le Negresco, this Michelin Guide-approved restaurant dominates the dining scene in Nice, with its classic yet sensational gastronomy. The set menu is truly a love letter to local produce, and the chef creates a work of art out of it. Add a wine cellar with over 15,000 vintage bottles, and you’re looking at an experience of a lifetime!

La Rotonde

Surprise! Le Negresco Hotel has not one, but two, Michelin-starred restaurants. Its name means ‘roundabout’, which perfectly encapsulates its peaceful interior – fairytale-like ponies dotted around, combined with grand arched windows that’ll transport you back to childhood carousels. Enjoy the dreamy atmosphere while tasting the flavoursome Mediterranean cuisine in an art form.

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Restaurant JAN

Overlooking the port of Nice, JAN is another Michelin-stamped location that serves South African delicacies with a French twist, as a tribute to the chef’s homes. 20 seats in the flickering candlelight create an intimate atmosphere inside. And the gastronomic magic on your plate will leave you stunned!

Le Sejour Café

Nestled on the outskirts of the city centre, Le Sejour Café is a relaxed dining experience that will treat your taste buds. Personalised with homely touches like books, photo frames and flowerpots, this family-run restaurant invites everyone to join the friend group and taste the imaginative French-inspired menu. Beautifully presented traditional and contemporary dishes will fill up your stomach, and heart, with content!

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Café de Turin

Seafood fans, this is your cue! Locally known for serving the best oysters in Nice, Café de Turin is now attracting visitors from all over the world! Sit down for a fresh afternoon sea treat or an excellent dinner that won’t break the bank. Sip white wine with your mussels in the most traditional French dining setting – outside the café surrounded by passers-by!

Pure & V

A fusion of Scandinavian and French accents blend perfectly, creating a cosy and elegant atmosphere at Pure & V. Hidden away from the flocks of tourists, this French gem doesn’t look like your typical Michel-starred restaurant, but just wait until you see what the chef whips up for you! Creative twists on the tasting menu will leave you in awe – it's sure to be a real holiday highlight.

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Located in the Vieux Nice (Old Nice) neighbourhood, Oliviera is a staple for locals and visitors. Your evening here begins with oil tasting, before continuing on to seasonal Mediterranean dishes, handcrafted by the chef. If you still can’t forget the oils after you’ve filled up, head to the restaurant’s shop, grab your favourite and recreate your delicious plate at home.

L'epicerie Georges

No visit to France is complete without a stop at a cosy bistro. And L'epicerie Georges is as quintessentially French as it gets – chequered tablecloths and all! The swoon-worthy atmosphere will fill your heart, while the friendly staff help you fill your stomach with French delicacies and wines.

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La Rossettisserie

Let’s turn our heads to the land, meat lovers! La Rossettisserie offers a meat feast like no other, with a variety of red meat and poultry options to pick from. No one will leave hungry, that’s for sure! Elevate your experience by dining in a cave-themed underground setting – the dim lighting, stone walls and vaulted cellar and sure to make it a night to remember!

Les Pêcheurs

Translating to ‘the fisherman’, the name combined with the romantic harbour setting can easily reveal Les Pêcheurs specialty. So, taste the catch of the day garnished with local produce as you enjoy the atmosphere inside. Alternatively, let the wind run through your hair while you admire seafront views with a glass of wine in hand on the terrace.

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