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Adults-only luxury getaways


Between our Luxe Collection and Indulgent Escapes, we have plenty of four and five-star holidays that are just for adults. Come and read about what to expect from these superb hotel selections…

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Whether it’s a sensational summer vaycay or a wonderful winter retreat that you’re after, our selection of luxury getaways doesn’t do things by halves. On the hunt for somewhere just for adults? We really do have you covered.

Take our Luxe Collection, for example – it allows you to drill down into idyllic hotels that are designed with adults in mind, then you can see what’s available to enjoy and explore in the local area. And for the ultimate experience abroad, our Indulgent Escapes not only raise the bar, they set it. Handier still, the ‘Perfect for adults’ options within the portfolio outlines the top accommodation choices for exceptional pools, gorgeous guestrooms, soothing spas, delicious dining and much more. Let us talk you through our adults-only luxury getaways…

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Decisions, decisions…

Quite often when you book a holiday, it’s the destination that tips the scales. But within our range of getaways tailored towards adults, you’ll be just as dazzled by the hotels too. Will you opt for somewhere on the beachfront? Or maybe a complex with multiple pools? Rejuvenating spa treatments might be your thing, or perhaps it’s divine dining that gets your vote. Either way, a spacious, ultra-inviting room is key too. We’ll show you the choices, then it’s up to you to decide.

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Our Adults Only range

While treating yourself to a Luxe Collection holiday or an Indulgent Escape might be what you had planned, it’s well worth checking out our Adults Only range too. Most of these particular hotels typically have a minimum guest age of 16, so you can rest assured that you’ll be staying somewhere that does things in a more mature fashion. Think child-free areas just for grown-ups, peaceful plots to totally kick back and unwind in, and superb spas that are ready to pamper you. There might even be designated activities or facilities for adults.

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A cut above with Adults Luxe

Ready to completely reset and recharge your batteries? Let’s face it, that’s what retreats are all about. While many of our excellent hotels are located in resorts just yearning to be explored, the four and five-star hideouts that make up our Adults Luxe offering have their fingers on the chill-out pulse. They’re exclusively for adults, but they add sophistication to the mix as well. These lavish digs often come dressed in stylish décor, with pools to plunge into, spa treatments to relish and international flavours to savour. They’re sleek, and they know it…

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Our Indulgent Escapes are the very best

Our esteemed portfolio of Indulgent Escapes encompasses our most remarkable hotels. Each one is five-star, and a property only makes it into this showcase if it has a minimum of 4.5/5 Tripadvisor rating and has reached at least a 96% customer satisfaction level. When you look at the complexes available that are ‘Perfect for adults’, you know that peace and quiet will be just the beginning. There’s an emphasis on distinctly adult ambiences, and some of these hotels even have private gardens, beach access or rooftop areas that provide the cherry on top.

Posted: 11th Sept 2023. Updated: 10th Apr 2024. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas