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A-Z of why to go away in June


Wondering when to soar off this summer? With just-right temperatures and quieter resorts, June’s a front-runner. Here’s why you should jet off in June...

Why wait until the height of summer to get away? With so many reasons to holiday in June, you could be getting away sooner than you think. Beach break or city escape? The world’s your oyster in this magical month...

A is for... Availability

Book before peak summer to get the pick of the bunch and the best chance of securing exactly the holiday you’re dreaming of.

B is for... Beat the crowds

Room to roam? People-free pictures? Crowd-free queues? June’s got you covered.

C is for... Cheaper than the school summer holidays

Lock in your summer getaway before the kids finish school for summer. Cheaper holidays? Yes, please!

D is for... Destinations galore

In June, summer’s in full swing, which means plenty of destinations to choose from. Sunny shores of Greece or the bright lights of Benidorm? The choice is yours!

E is for... Escape the unpredictable UK weather

While the rain pours back home, jet off for good times and sunnier climes somewhere warmer this June.

F is for... Food festivals

Food festivals are the perfect place to savour some local flavours. Sa Pobla Gastronomic Fair in Majorca is a firm fave!

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G is for... Golden beaches

There’s nothing like a change of scenery, and Europe’s golden beaches are sure to be just the ticket this June. Drizzly back garden or sun-kissed sands? We know which one we’d choose!

H is for... Hiking along the levadas

Don your hiking boots and get ready to explore Madeira’s lush levadas. Come June, the valleys are verdant and the sun is sure to be shining – bliss!

I is for... Island-hopping

Heading to Sicily? With the balmy weather and calms seas, island-hopping’s on the cards as the stunning Aeolian archipelago floats just off the north coast.

J is for... Just-right temperatures

Without the sweltering rays of peak summer, you can enjoy temperatures that waver around the high teens. Perfection!

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K is for... Knockout views

From the natural beauty of Crete’s Samaria Gorge to Tenerife’s Teide National Park, there’s plenty of beauty to be found across Europe this June.

L is for... Lanzarote

If volcanic vineyards, gorgeous beaches and artisanal markets sound like your kind of thing, a June holiday to Lanzarote could be just what you’re looking for!

M is for... Music festivals

When it comes to festivals, music lovers will have the pick of the bunch this June. Ibiza’s got the soundtrack to summer covered at Ibiza Rocks, while Lucca shows off music icons like Ed Sheeran and Eric Clapton.

N is for... Not long to wait

June’s just around the corner, which means sunshine's much closer than you think! Time to start the holiday countdown...

O is for... Only Jet2holidays gives you 22kg baggage included

When you book a package holiday with us, you’ll get 22kg baggage included as standard, which means more room for those holiday outfits.

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P is for... Pool parties

Whether it’s Malia or Magalluf, you’ll find pool parties galore this month.

Q is for... Quieter resorts

With school term still underway, you can make the most of quieter resorts, while still enjoying the early summer buzz.

R is for... Retail therapy

Fuerteventura offers a menagerie of different markets throughout the month, from stalls selling arts and crafts to stands brimming with fresh fruit and veg.

S is for... Sunset-sipping

The days are getting longer, meaning more time to pull up a pew at a beachfront bar to catch those summer sunsets.

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T is for... Tapas

Whether it’s a seafront spot on the Majorcan coast or a pavement café in the Costa Blanca, there’s no better time to tuck into an array of tasty tapas. Delightful dishes and al fresco dining here you come!

U is for... Ushuaïa Ibiza

Experience Ushuaïa’s iconic poolside stage and open-air dancefloor, as the biggest and best DJs put on spectacular show.

V is for... Valletta Film Festival

June sees the return of Valletta’s Mediterrane Film Festival, which says ‘action’ to films with artistic flair and ability to reach out to their audiences.

W is for... Wonderful weather for water sports

Picture this... you’re bobbing along on your kayak as the sunshine reflects on the water. Sounds dreamy, right? Time to book that June getaway.

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X is for... X off all the sights while it’s not as busy

If you’re heading to a historical haven like Dubrovnik or Paphos, June’s the ideal month to cross off stress-free sightseeing.

Y is for... You’ll regret it if you don’t

If 24 reasons weren’t enough to convince you to secure that June getaway, the holiday FOMO surely will.

Z is for... Zante

Grab a piece of Greece in Zante this June. With powder-white beaches and crystalline waters, you can’t go wrong!

Posted: 24th Apr 2024.

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