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A nightlife guide to Girona


You might know Girona for the colourful houses along the River Onyar, but did you know its nightlife is just as vibrant? Time to find out more…

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What’s a memorable holiday without some after-dark adventures? Whether you’re after a classy evening with a glass of vino in hand or fancy painting the town red, this nightlife guide to Girona has you covered.


Café Le Bistrot

All good evenings out start with a lip-smacking dinner and our favourite spot, sitting in the heart of Girona, is Café Le Bistrot. The best way to describe it? A piece of Paris in the middle of Spain. The menu here is top-notch, but that’s not the only reason we’re loving this under-an-arch gem. Take a seat on the ancient steps under Sant Martí de Girona Church and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a picture-perfect postcard.

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When an ice-cold pint is calling your name, make your merry way to Mckiernan’s. If the name didn’t give it away already, this is your typical Irish nook, where all your favourites flow freely from the tap. This super spot is great if you’re missing hearty pub grub or fancy catching a game. Just follow the sound of clinking glasses and you’ll feel at home in no time…

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Hidden in a passageway of the Plaça de la Independència, Cu-Cut! is a quaint café by day, but it turns into a bustling bar come nightfall. It’s been a favourite for over four decades now, ever since it opened its doors back in 1983. So, besides serving a range of tipples, it has a story to tell too… and so will the locals who have been going there for years! Did we need to mention their varied music playlist or are you packing hangover remedies already?

One Girona

If Cu-Cut! is a café-turn-bar after dark, One Girona steps it up a notch and invites you to a truly one-of-a-kind place. Want to guess what its specialty is? Here goes… sushi. Yep, you read that right, it’s a sushi restaurant and club rolled into One. Rock up in the afternoon and it’s an urban restaurant serving top-notch Japanese dishes, but visit post-sunset and you’ll see this place in a completely different light. The coolest part? Whether you fancy sashimi or a spritz, you’ll get both here!

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Sunset Jazz Club

A spot with a permanent place on every Girona guide, Sunset Jazz Club is essential, whether you’re a jazz lover or not. Enter the cosy venue and the tunes of international and local artists will bless your ears, so pull up a chair and immerse yourself into the soul-stirring performance! In summertime, the club opens its doors and sets the stage outside. Testing the drinks menu while the sun dips into the horizon and the jazz sounds fill the air? Yep, that’s what dreams are made of.

Lux Girona

If you’re into your certified classics, Lux Girona will be the right fit for you. Chart-toppers and timeless tunes dominate the dancefloor, so you can scream to the bangers at the top of your lungs. Follow the neon lights and you’ll find the glitzy atmosphere, glistening sparklers and great cocktails under one roof.

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Lola Café

Don’t be fooled by its innocent name – Lola Café is far from your typical, coffee-serving spot. But it’s not like any bar in the Old Quarter either – step inside this unique venue and soon you’ll be rumbling to the rhythm of Catalan rumba! This bar hosts dancing evenings a couple nights a week, so if you’re in Girona for more than a weekend, attending one of these is a must! Dancing not quite your forte? Lola Café serves top drops too.

Yeah! Indie Club

If the words ‘mainstream’, ‘radio-friendly’ and ‘pop’ aren’t your idea of fun when it comes to music, head straight to the Yeah! Indie Club. This hip hangout often welcomes live bands, although it has three in-house DJs blaring out tunes that are bound to get you moving too. Just make sure to show up fashionably late as the club opens only at 11pm. You’ll be able to dance the night away until the early hours though!

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