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A family guide to Bergen


With landscapes steeped in legend and endless opportunities for adventure, Bergen’s a kid’s paradise.

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Surrounded by pine-covered peaks on one side and mirror-like fjords on the other, Bergen’s a natural tonic for families. There’s an eye-catching experience around every corner, from the UNESCO-listed waterfront to the mountain-climbing funicular. And that’s not forgetting the full-day Norwegian fjords tour that you’ll get included in your Jet2CityBreak! Tempted by a Scandi stay? Grab the gang and get stuck into our guide to Bergen’s best bits.

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Attractions for all ages

Whatever type of activity you crave, this Norwegian nook has it somewhere. Get down early to Bryggen Wharf and you’ll have the run of the wooden shops and old merchant warehouses. This colourful jumble of buildings tells the tales of the city’s Viking and Hanseatic heritage.

If you’re looking for the perfect place for a family photo, Mount Fløyen’s your spot. Little ones will love whizzing to the top on the funicular, while all of Bergen opens below them like a book. Once you’ve got your fill of Say cheese! snaps, there’s a playground to explore and a herd of goats to pet. Make your way through the moss-cloaked forests, which echo with legends of trolls, to Lake Skomakerdiket. This peaceful patch is home to plenty of picnic plots and a barbecue area, ideal if the sun is shining.

After all that exploring, it couldn’t be easier to hop on the funicular back down to the city centre. Got a little more energy left to burn? Opt to take the sign-posted paths down to the bottom instead. The descent takes an hour on average and is possible with a pram.

The weather can be a bit changeable around these parts, but if you do get a spit of rain, Bergen Aquarium’s a great place to while away a few hours. Here, kids can learn all about Norway’s marine life, as well as crocodiles, sea lions and lizards.

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Fantastical fjords

A family of nature fans? Well, you’re in luck! You’ll have a Norwegian Fjords tour included in your Jet2CityBreak to Bergen. You’ll set off bright and early, heading out of the city towards the tucked-away town of Flåm, home to the famous Flåm Railway. Take your seat in the vintage-style compartment and get ready to soak up some of the country’s best views from the comfort of your carriage. As you head up to Myrdal Station, which sits at 867 metres above sea level, you’ll chug through 20 tunnels, 18 of which were built by hand. The kids will be in awe as verdant valleys transform into snow-capped mountains before their eyes. There will even be a chance to get off the train and marvel at the rumbling Kjosfossen waterfall.

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If you thought the railway journey was the highlight of the tour, just wait for the next part of your trip. You’ll board an electric-powered boat and set off along ice-carved channels, framed by soaring cliffs. Prime your camera, grab a top-deck seat and take in the showstopping scenery of the Aurlandsfjord and UNESCO-stamped Nærøyfjord. There’s ample seating inside too, with huge windows that make so you don’t miss a moment. It’s a full-day tour which lasts approximately 12 hours, so we recommend packing some snacks and water.

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Local cuisine

There are two words that sum up Norwegian cuisine: simple and soulful. Turn down any street in the centre of Bergen and you’re likely to catch a whiff of a freshly baked skillingsbolle (cinnamon bun). They taste as good as they smell and are a must-try treat for little’uns.

If your kids like their seafood, they’ll find lots to tuck into. Dive into Bergen’s underwater larder and you’ll find lobsters, cod, king prawns and so much more. You can get a taste for local dishes at a lower price tag at the Fish Market. Fiskesuppe (fish soup) is a favourite here, and it’s loaded with chunks of salmon and shrimp, laced with cream and mopped up with fresh bread.

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Getting around

Exploring Bergen with kids is child’s play. Its compact size means you can tick off lots of the city’s sights, without tiring out little legs. When you want to venture further afield, the public transport options are easy to use and reliable. If you’re counting your Krone, one of the best ways to bag a saving is by purchasing the Bergen card. You can get a 24, 48, 72 or 96-hour card, depending on how long you’re staying. With this, you’ll get free bus travel as well as free admittance to many of the city’s museums and attractions. Winning!

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