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A beer-lover's guide to Prague


If you’re hopping mad about beer, we’ve scoured the best places in Prague for pints and pilsners. Come and Czech them out…

Prague might be one of the stag do capitals of Europe, but its drinking scene isn’t just made for soon-to-be-wed lads and their groomsmen on one last hoorah. It’s a haven for beer drinkers, whatever your pint of choice and no matter which time of year you go. So, if you’re putting your to-do list together and can’t pass up a jar, get these must-visit pubs, museums and breweries on there.

Letná Beer Garden

Under the cover of chestnut trees and overlooking the city spilling out all around, there’s no more scenic place for a swift one than Letná Beer Garden. And if you go in the summer, you might fancy staying in the rays most of the day.

For big beer fans, no city break to Prague would be complete without heading here. Grab a picnic bench and let the taps provide you with inspiration. You’ll have everything from the iconic Czech Pilsner to Master Lager, Kozel Dark Lager to the well-known-among-locals Gambrinus. If loaded fries don’t cut the mustard, Brasserie Ullmann will cater to your culinary cravings. Veal schnitzel, dumplings, grilled tuna, venison ragout – there’s all sorts on the menu.

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Go off in the direction of Prague Castle and you’ll easily find Strahov Monastery Brewery. The first nods to beer production came in the 13th and 14th centuries and, still today, the venue remains something of a pint-pulling wonder. After it was closed, sold and renovated, the brewery went back to its roots and underwent a full restoration in 2000. It isn’t the most traditional among the Prague bar scene, but it’s certainly the top place to combine a cheeky beer with a side order of history.

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Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

Across the river from Letná, there’s Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden, which offers a similar vibe. Twisting paths will take you up to the benches, so pitch up and pull up a pew. Over beers, you’ll be able to soak up the scenery – Prague Castle dominating the skyline. It’s the place to be if you don’t want budget-busting beer and proves popular among locals. Czech sausages are sizzled throughout the year, so it has a no-fuss, no-frills feel to the setup.

Prague Beer Museum

Who said swigging beers has to be restricted to Prague’s nightlife? Pay Prague Beer Museum a visit and, hey presto, you’ll have the ultimate excuse to sup up before the lights get low. To showcase the best of the breweries, this one-stop shop for mighty malts and heavenly hops is well worth adding to your agenda. With more than 30 craft beers on tap, you can get a taste for both the history and the brews.

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Dotted around the city’s districts, The PUB is on hand to serve all. Of Prague’s bars, it’s less groovy than the newer kids on the block. But if a pint with the gang while the football’s on the big screen ticks your boxes, make a beeline for here. Some of the tables even come kitted-out with a self-service bar tap. How good is that? And when they serve mouth-watering burgers, you needn’t leave your seat.

BeerGeek Bar

Calling all beer geeks! This Prague bar does what it says on the tin. Under the Sibeeria Brewery brand, this place produces its own beer then pours it for you, across its whopping 32 taps. New options are regularly connected, so you can try various pints during your Prague city break. We’d recommend you sample the local exports, but it won’t be unheard of to spy ales and lagers from the familiar likes of Northern Monk and Cloudwater Brew Co. Sarnies, quesadillas and cheese boards might tempt the foodies.


This Prague bar wants you to have the best drinking experience, which is why the staff keep an eye on the goods from tank to glass. It prides itself on serving not only super-fresh pints, but dishes such as soured herring, lentil soup, pork tenderloin, beef goulash, dumplings and more, all seasoned with Czech spices. And better yet, their School of Draught Beer lays on lessons about how to become a master brewer. It’s got laugh-a-minute fun written all over it.

Ready to infuse your Prague city break with a peppering of pint-promising pit stops? We’ll see you in the pub…

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