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Tips and tricks

6 ways you can stay safe while travelling


Make sure you have a happy and healthy holiday abroad this summer by following just 6 back-to-basics safety tips.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop on how best to travel smart and stay safe on your next trip. We’ve rounded up six simple steps that if you’re not already used to doing, will become second nature in no time…

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1. Don your face mask

Face masks are fast becoming the new thing in everyday life now, but they’re extra important when it comes to travelling overseas.

You’ll need to wear a face mask the whole time you’re travelling (yep, that’s in the airport, on the plane and on your transfer at the other end). It’s likely you’ll also have to wear one in some common areas at your hotel and while you’re walking about your holiday resort if the local laws say so.

As for what type of mask, it needs to be a medical-style one or a fitted face covering – reusable or disposable. Things like scarves, snoods and balaclavas are a no-no. And make sure your mask fits well, properly covering your nose and mouth.

It’s also recommended you change your mask every few hours, so be prepared and pack plenty.


2. Clean your hands on the go

The experts tell us that simple hand hygiene is one of the best ways to keep clean and stop the spread of germs. But it’s not always easy to wash your hands with good old soap and water when you’re on the move, so have your own hand gel or antibacterial wipes handy. Don’t forget, you can take liquids up to 100ml onboard our planes.

At the airport, in shops, at your hotel – keep an eye out for hand sanitising stations too.

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3. Keep things contact-free

With nice clean hands, you don’t really want to be touching things you don’t need to. Luckily, there are some easy ways to reduce the amount of things you come into contact with on your journey.

Check in online and it’ll save you having to hand over your documents at the airport. And rather than print off your boarding pass, download it to your smartphone so it’s one less thing to touch. You can do this on the Jet2holidays app too – you can even share boarding passes via email or SMS with other people on your booking.

Tick this off before you get to the airport, then head to our self-service kiosks when you arrive where it’s just one touch and you’re done!

Keeping hand luggage light is another good way to avoid too much contact. That way when you’re on the plane, your bag should fit under the seat in front rather than have go in the overhead lockers with other people’s stuff. Our Cabin Crew want to give you plenty of space too, so they won’t be able to help with heavy or bulky items right now. Where possible onboard, stay seated as much as you can. You can even pre-buy meals so that’s all taken care of before you take off.

Paying by contactless where you can is another quick win for a touch-free experience.

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4. Stay a safe distance

Social distancing is something we’ve all been practising for a while now, so you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s another top way to stay safe on your travels.

Along your journey you should spot heaps of signs showing you where to stand and how to queue, so keep your eyes peeled for instructions. And just keep your wits about you in more open-air places where there are lots of people milling about.

When it comes to activities on holiday, you might like to look at things like secluded beaches, bike rides through the countryside and lesser-known attractions with fewer crowds.

But when it’s not possible to social distance, just make sure you’re following the other safety tips like wearing your mask and avoiding touching things too much.

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5. Look out for signage

Sounds like an obvious one, but when you’re in holiday mode it can be easy to miss the safety signs around you. But there are plenty about these days, so keep your eyes peeled along the way and you’ll be off to a great start.

As well as signs for social distancing, there may be ones for one-in-one-out entry, one-way systems for moving around, seats not in use, reminders to wear face masks or to get documents ready.

Listen up for any extra instructions too, from Cabin Crew onboard the plane to staff at your hotel, as everyone is working hard to keep you safe and sound.

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6. Do your research

It’s always paid to plan, but now more than ever. Prepare yourself for what’s in store by finding out about what local laws are in place in your holiday destination on the FCDO website. You can even sign up for handy alerts that let you know when the information has been updated.

Some countries also have travel entry requirements that you have to complete before you travel there, so check here regularly before you take off.

If you’re the organised type, it can’t hurt to do a little itinerary planning ahead of your break too. Visit the tourist board website of your holiday destination to find out what attractions are open, how you might travel around on public transport and what the current etiquette is for the beach.

And if you want to know more about what we’re doing to keep you safe at Jet2holidays, check out our safe and smooth journey.

Posted: 20th Jul 2020. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas