12 adventure trip ideas for couples


Both wild at heart? Then here are 12 adventure trip ideas for couples, one for each month of the year. That means there’s a getaway, come sun or snow.

Who said romance has to be all candlelit dinners and barefoot strolls along the shore? The cornerstones of a loved-up getaway are what you make them and for some, that’s adrenaline-fuelled activities.

There’s something amorous about spending a break together doing something daring and beyond the norm. Stuck for inspiration? We’ve rounded up a different adventure for every month of the year.

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Skiing in France in January

Begin the year in style with a trip to the French Alps! Fly to Geneva then make for gorgeous Chamonix. Framed by brooding Mont Blanc, this super ski destination is one of the best resorts for whizzing down the pistes with your better half. Take on challenging runs together that snake through the mountains, then spend evenings snuggled up by a roaring fire, sipping glasses of red wine and gazing at each other doe-eyed over cheese fondue.


Watching the Northern Lights in Iceland in February

Can you think of a more romantic scene? The night sky illuminated by dapples of green, pink and purple. That’s what you can enjoy if you hunt down the aurora borealis, a magical natural spectacle. It appears in Iceland during winter, so head here and sit back, snuggle up and watch the Northern Lights dance above you.


Cycling in Majorca in March

Conquer epic peaks and fly along coastal flats as a team of two with a cycling break to Majorca in March. This time of the year’s just the right temperature for bike rides, with the mercury reaching around 17°C. The idyllic landscapes you’ll sail past vary with the different parts of the island you explore, but one thing’s true along most routes – it’s serene and secluded, so you can enjoy them to yourselves, just the two of you.


Hiking the rainforest in Madeira in April

You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to an exotic faraway land when you explore the dense Laurisilva of Madeira. This blanket of ancient rainforest gives the Portuguese island a tropical, magical feel – it doesn’t get more romantic than this! Spend an afternoon wandering under a canopy of green, alongside gurgling levadas and fragrant blooms.


Golfing in the Costa Del Sol in May

Practise your swings in the sun together in the Costa del Sol. This stretch of Spanish coastline is renowned for its tip-top golf courses, with pristine greens and challenging fairways for every level of golfer. Temperatures are in the twenties here during May, so it’s best to tee off early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the midday sun.

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Diving in Malta in June

Glittering under the blazing sun, the Mediterranean beckons visitors with its intoxicatingly cobalt colour. And Malta’s the perfect place to dive beneath the surface, as there’s an underwater world of treasures to discover. We’re talking eerie wrecks, caves and an abundance of marine life. The warm waters surrounding Malta are a dream to swim in during June, averaging at a pleasant 22°C.


Walking in Lake Garda in July

Lake Garda in northern Italy is one of those bombshell locations that knocks you back with its beauty at first sight. It’s an utterly romantic location, with the twinkling lake surrounded by alpine-style resorts, rugged mountains and fields of colourful wild flowers. Head here with your other half in summer to see it bathed in a golden light. There’s nothing more romantic than long rambles and picnics in the sun.


Surfing in the Algarve in August

Master the Atlantic waves together with a surfing holiday in southern Portugal. The swell rolls into the shore in spectacular fashion in this part of Europe, creating the perfect conditions for surfing. Lagos has the ultimate chilled vibe to it and there’s plenty of surf schools within easy reach for you to master your technique at.

Puy The Plitvice Lakes 535434737 Rfis 0517

Exploring national parks in Croatia in September

It’s no secret that Croatia is a natural beauty queen. And it’s that beauty that reaches a crescendo in its national parks. Mountains that seemingly melt into clouds, islands blanketed in thick forest, turquoise-tinged lakes… Bliss. There are plenty to pick from throughout the country, but one of the best is Plitvice Lakes National Park. One glance at its series of cascade lakes and magical waterfalls and you’ll soon see why.


Venturing up Vesuvius in Naples in October

The infamous volcano that casts a shadow over the Italian city of Naples is nothing short of incredible. It’s responsible for destroying Pompeii but hasn’t erupted since 1944. You can get up close to its crater edge when you hike up to the summit, which sits at more than 300 metres above sea level. The view over the Gulf of Naples is simply stunning from here, too.

Lanzarote Night Sky 653506436 Rfis 1218

Stargazing in La Palma in November

Hop on a ferry from one its neighbouring Canary Islands and visit the dinky island of La Palma. As there’s little light pollution here, you can easily observe the Milky Way twinkling brightly above you when evening falls. Romantic? We think so! Make for Llano del Jable, part of the island’s Starlight Reserve, for a night of stargazing and look out for constellations that shine vividly on moonless nights.


Whale watching in Tenerife in December

The warm waters lapping Tenerife are a magnet for whales and December’s one of the best times to see them! Book onto an excursion and speed out into the Atlantic to see if you can spot some of the 26 species that call this part of the ocean home. Don’t forget to pack your camera and binoculars!

Posted: 8th Jul 2019.

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