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10 ways holidays make you happy


Studies show that holidaying can make you happy, and we know that to be true! Here’s how...

Ahh, holidays, you can’t beat ‘em – we don’t call them ‘jollies’ for nothing! Their mood-boosting brilliance knows no bounds, and they inspire big grins even before you’ve booked.

But what is it that makes getaways so great? Could it be the butterfly feeling you get when you wake up for your flight, the opportunity to experience incredible new cultures, or maybe it’s that wonderful warm weather? Whatever it is that gets you psyched for a fortnight in the sun (or any duration you fancy!), prepare to be transported right back there when you read these ten ways that holidays make you happy...

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1. Enjoying airport anticipation!

Everyone’s in a buzzy mood at the airport. So don your best holiday outfit, grab a celebratory tipple then make a beeline for the duty-free… well, you’re on your holidays, after all!

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2. Feeling the warmth as you step off the plane

Name a better feeling than that wave of heat that hits you when you step off your plane… It’s okay, we can wait! Choose a suntrap destination and warm climes are pretty much a given. Sometimes the fact you’re truly going on holiday can feel a bit unreal until you touch down in the destination, but the first glimmer of sunshine makes those daydreams a reality…

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3. Sinking your toes into sun-kissed sand

Our European holiday hotspots boast some of the best beaches on the planet. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when your feet first press into the sun-warmed sand, so kick off those flip-flops, plonk down your parasol and unroll that towel – that cheesy holiday novel isn’t going to read itself!

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4. Splashing the 'Monopoly' cash

Money doesn’t quite count when it’s in another currency*, right? Well, that’s how it can sometimes feel. If there’s a better time to treat yourself than when you’re on your jollies, we’re yet to find it! So whether you hit bountiful bazaars or swish shorefront restaurants, we’re sure you’ll get thrills from those bills while you’re away.

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5. Eating like royalty

Foodies, rejoice – this is your time! It’s a well-known fact that holiday calories are redundant*, which means the breakfast buffet beckons! Opt for All Inclusive and three meals a day, snacks and local drinks could all be including in the price of your holiday, which helps make budgeting a breeze! Or why not consider a villa vaycay? That way, you can dine when it suits you and rustle up your fave dishes too.

*Not true!

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6. Wearing your summer wardrobe

What’s that sound? Oh, just your sleeveless tops and flip-flops trying to break free from your wardrobe. No doubt your summer ensembles have been wondering where you’ve got to, so set free that fedora and liberate the linen, because it’s time your favourite outfits get their chance to truly shine! Worried you won’t have enough space for all those Hawaiian shirts? Our super-generous 22kg baggage allowance will take care of that.

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7. Being sure of good weather (well, pretty much!)

To put it lightly, the British weather’s pretty hit and miss – in fact, you’re twice as likely to get sunshine in Antalya than you are in London in any given year. That’s right, the traditional Turkish city of Antalya averages on a whopping 3,072 annual sunshine hours, while our cosmopolitan capital gets just 1,481!

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8. Lazing for days

21st-century life is fast-paced to say the least! Juggling work, family time and home life is no mean feat – so it’s no wonder relaxation’s often high on the holiday to-do list. Whether it’s a spa hotel, a small and charming spot away from the crowds or even a five-star Indulgent Escape, if it’s R&R you’re after, our getaways have got your number.

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9. Hearing the crickets chirp at dusk

One sound that reminds us of holidays is the whistling chorus of crickets – those cheeky little critters that are never seen but always heard! Picture this – after a day of exploring and relaxing in equal measure, you’re heading out into resort to hunt down the best chiringuito. The sun sets, dropping every shade of orange onto the terracotta rooftops, and the familiar sound of crickets trills like they’re shaking mini tambourines through the warm evening breeze. That’s bliss right there.

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10. Sipping cocktails as the sun sets

Okay, so you can drink cocktails from the comfort of your garden here in the UK, but does it have the same appeal in thermal socks? We think not! After a busy day of sightseeing, there’s no better way to see in the evening than watching the sun go down, a glass of something chilled in hand.

So, did we succeed in transporting you back to your favourite holiday destination for a few minutes there? Why limit yourself to imagining when our fabulous flights and heroic holidays are within clicking distance?

Posted: 19th Mar 2023. Updated: 20th Mar 2023. Jet2 Holidays Jet2 City Breaks Jet2 Villas